ACEOs : Great Way to Start Collecting Art!


I love painting ACEOs!

I also collect them from other artists. I especially enjoy collecting totally collaged-out ACEOs. Mine are usually painted with acrylics because I love how the colors just pop. Sometimes I use ink and watercolor. Have to be careful with those though, if you get the surface too wet with ink or watercolors – guess what turns pulpy and yucky and peels up? No fun!

Thank you Feet! acrylic ACEO original painting

feet art, thank you feet

I’m 52-years old. My feet have been awesome to me for all these years. They’ve taken me on strange adventures and to really cool places. So, I just wanted to thank them πŸ™‚ Here’s to many more years of use!

This is an ACEO acrylic painting on heavy mat board.
ACEOs are a great way to collect art.

This piece is available on Ebay where all my originals are sold!


Pink Pineapples acrylic painting on vintage postcard

pink pineapples

this came from a very funny story someone shared with me about teenage dating and the borrowing of some cement driveway ornaments… Β that were returned painted pink. πŸ™‚ Not quite what Dad was into for his stately pineapples that graced his driveway.

Currently this piece is available on Ebay.


Connie in the Butterfly Dress


I just put this piece up and when I started writing this post, I got a sold message from Ebay. So, here is Connie in the Butterfly dress. An acrylic painting on a small piece of wood I found up in the attic of the house here.

πŸ™‚ I love days like this.


Organizing Where I Sell


Time has become quite the commodity. I’ve been experimenting the past year with various outlets to sell art and decided to have just two main avenues. (Obviously you can always contact me directly if you want talk commission or something.)

Original Artworks

– will be sold on Ebay

Fine Art Prints

– along with prints, greeting cards and pretty much anything you can put an image on will be available at Fine Art America.

I dismantled the store on my site – it was just too much to keep up with – plus collectors know Ebay, they know Fine Art America – and are much more familiar with those big name venues – they don’t know me, don’t trust doing biz in a place they don’t know. So, I think I found a happy medium that works for art buyers and me. πŸ™‚

So far, so good.

Ebay has been steady selling and I only just started selling prints at Fine Art America. At the time of this writing I have 25 different prints up, over the next week I should have closer to 125 different prints to choose from! Plus you can add a mat and frame.
I’ve sold some and the feedback has been great!

If you love to read and prefer books with images. I can hook you up! Available for reading on any device OR in print if you like to hold a book in your hands.
Tales From Nebrahoma - Kindle edition by Jo Potocki. Arts & Photography Kindle eBooks @

I need coffee. I’ll post more later.


#Drawlloween2016 Mummy Monday My favorite Mummy Hatshepsut


Hatshepsut is my favorite pharaoh. Turns out she was kinda fat, balding (grew her hair long in the back and had no hair in the front, and wore a fake beard.

Her step-son took over when she died and her body was hidden away. A single tooth in a box marked as belonging to her – matched the missing tooth and root found in a mummy in another tomb- further DNA testing confirmed it was her.

She’s done in inks and acrylic on a vintage postcard from 1902. Inbox me to buy


Carnival Creeps – Drawlloween2016 Conjoined Clowns

creepy two headed clown

Mr. Schadenfreude was always saying mean things telepathically to his conjoined twin FunSponge. #Drawlloween2016 #Inktober2016.

This was done using black and white inks on an ACEO 2.5″ x 3.5″ – Inbox me to buy


The Cat with Hands acrylic painting

Cat with Human hands

I recently saw a video on YouTube, where I spend way too much time. Β The Cat with Hands is a short film directed by Robert Morgan. It was such a well-done short story – I got all inspired and painted my own imagined cat with hands.

The piece is up for sale at eBay if you’re interested and otherwise – check out this video! You’ll LOVE it! And support the maker and share it with your friends πŸ™‚



Drawlloween2016 – Nurse Zoe’s Story

nurse zoe artwork for drawlloween

This was a 5″ x 8″ watercolor with some print work on acid-free paper. She’s currently available as a print πŸ™‚
Enjoy Nurse Zoe, the ultimate dedicated nurse!


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