I remember my childhood in shades of red and brown

I have no fond memories of childhood. One way or another my mother managed to destroy them all with actions, words, and usually both.  Childhood is long over and I let any animosity I have for my mother go an equally long time ago.  It is what it is and it just made me resolve to be supportive of my own kids.
I definitely fine-tuned the art of finding a silver lining in any situation. I was thinking the other day, when I remember any event from being a young child, it’s always in shades of red and brown in my mind’s eye. I wonder why I don’t just remember things in regular colors as they were. Clearly i was not living in a red and brown world. Weird. That’s what this improved photo was about.


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I Bring the Party

I bring the party. I think everyone should. It’s much better to be around people that want to celebrate the lives they have rather than moaning about the lives they don’t have.
This is a vintage photo mounted on vintage book papers from a 1950’s sex guide (a really short book! seriously it’s like 50 pages) and mounted it on a 3×5 canvas.

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The Bee Hero

Besides the fact they are essential to life on earth, I’m a huge fan of bees anyway. I love watching them and am eternally fascinated with their inner bee societies. I wanted to make a bee hero, someone that would help the bees. I imagined a secret line of people that stood guard over some bee hive that existed since time immortal.
The bees definitely need a hero.



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Mr. Sparkle Did Not Like Willard’s Wife and She Disappeared

Willard was a kind man and loving husband. In fact, there was nothing to dislike about Willard.
One day a package arrived at his doorstep, inside was a cage with a lovely blue parakeet. There was a card that told nothing about who left this gift, but the card read, “His name is Mr. Sparkle, do not listen to him.”
What an odd thing to write!

At first Mr. Sparkle chirped and sang like any parakeet, then he started telling Willard “things.”
Things about people, what people were really saying about him, how he didn’t really have any friends except Mr. Sparkle.
Willard’s wife had seen a large change in her husband, and told him he was spending far too much time in the study alone with Mr. Sparkle.
Mr. Sparkle said she had to go away.
He was the only true friend Willard had and his wife planned to give Mr. Sparkle away.
When he was questioned about his wife’s disappearance, Willard would only say again and again that Mr. Sparkle did not like her.
No one knows where Mr. Sparkle is now.

I can guarantee this piece will go quickly -it’s up for grabs at Ebay.


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You’re too fabulous for this neighborhood

A while back we were looking around at houses. Just looking in neighborhoods. I was struck at how freakin’ boring and beige the neighborhood we were looking in was. I swear every house was either white or beige or both if they were really rebels.

Then a few days ago I ran across this photo. This fabulous person was just being fabulous. So I totally beiged-out the background and told the truth, she’s too fabulous for that neighborhood.

:) fabulous

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Behold the Mighty Cockroach!

This gentleman thought the cockroach was under-utilized as a resource. Why he had found ways to cook them, create fizzy softdrinks that only tasted a bit roachy, and he found the nice, large cockroaches made stylish ascots to wear.
Alas, no one remembers this usefulness about cockroaches.

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Uncle Horatio

By all accounts Uncle Horatio was an odd man. He never married mainly because of his passion for raising birds.
Every spring he would walk around in the forest after thunderstorms to see if any nestlings had fallen from their nests above in the trees.
If he couldn’t return the baby birds or find the nest, he would put the young birds safely in his bird and raise them.
He did this every year.
#outsiderart, #3amgallery, #birdfriend

This piece is on Ebay if you want to make it  yours.

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She Wasn’t Selfish, She Just Found Actually Caring for Others Inconvenient

I have a bad habit of seeing people much better than they actually are. I tend to think there’s got to be something golden in everyone. Well, I’ve had to come to the very sad conclusion, some people are just asshats and any gold I thought I saw was a cheap spray-painted piece of tin or something. That’s what this piece is about.
See it on Ebay here.


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Pumpkin Girl Portrait Improved Photo

I finally got Pumpkin Girl to sit still long enough for a portrait. She’s very difficult to pin down for long. Busy life of a dancing magical pumpkingirl you know….

This fun portrait is for sale on Ebay, if you’d like to add her to your collection – place your bid! Pumpkin Girl paintings don’t usually last too long.
(They don’t go bad, they get bought).

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