Ink on Vintage Book Page


Pink Pineapples 3×5 on Vintage Postcard


This painting started off as just pink pineapples inspired by a very funny story I was told by a friend. Then it turned into a lady with pink pineapples… that are apparently levitating. I think it’s a fun little piece πŸ˜€


Nun Show #6


This piece was sold very quickly. Like so quick I am writing this blog post after the sale! But I wanted to share with you because it was fun to do. Β It was a 5×8 on wood board. Painted in Acrylics.


Everyone is Jealous 5×5 BBW Painting


If we’re already friends you know I love John Waters and “Female Trouble” is just a hysterical movie. Dawn Davenport and her cha cha heels…. was the inspiration for this 5×5 acrylic painting on a found wood board.


BBW Art Invasion !

s-l1600 (13)

BBW Purple Pin Up acrylic on wood painting – SOLD


BBW Angel with a Harp acrylic on wood – SOLD


BBW Ballerina acrylic painting on vintage postcard from early 1900s

s-l1600 (10)

BBW Purple Dresden Dancer acrylic painting on vintage postcard

BBWs remain one of my fave subjects to paint and I recently did a few!


Sketchbook from 2010 What the Moon Sees

Ran across something fun today. I did a project through a Brooklyn library back in 2010 and they digitized the sketchbook. Here you go!



Birthday 2016 Original Acrylic Painting on Vintage Photo 10x12in

birthday 2016

Every year around my birthday I paint a whacked out party happening. πŸ™‚ This year is a gathering with Unicorn Fish.

This piece is 10x12in and is acrylic on a vintage photo.



Saint Fun Sponge the Time Ruiner Acrylic on Vintage Photo


Painting: acrylic on vintage photo

Size: 4.5 x 6.5 inches

I think we all know someone like this.
Want to make it yours? It’s available in the store!

Category Acrylic painting
Subject People & portraits
Substrate Other
Materials acrylic on vintage photo
Style Naive
Dimensions 2.5 Γ— 4.5 Γ— 0.3 in (unframed) / 2.5 Γ— 4.5 in (actual image size)
Framing This artwork is sold unframed

Lone Baby Pine original acrylic on wood 5 x 8


This painting is about being alone but not lonely. I can spend hours by myself and never feel alone. πŸ™‚

Painting: Acrylic on Wood.

Size: 8 H x 5 W x 0.3 in

Category Acrylic painting
Subject Landscapes, sea & sky
Substrate Panel / Board / MDF
Materials acrylic on wood board
Style Naive
Dimensions 5 Γ— 8 Γ— 0.25 in (unframed) / 5 Γ— 8 in (actual image size)
Framing This artwork is sold unframed

Remember the Little Things 5×8 on Wood


This is a 5×8 acrylic painting on wood. I’ve had to start over a number of times in life and it sucks but it really points out how important it is to remember the little things. The things we say and do are so much more important than material possessions.

That’s why this piece is done with shades of green (life) and lots of vines, flowers, and honey bees (they make it all happen don’t they?).

If you want to more information about this piece – it’s in the store Β πŸ™‚