Conjoined Twins One is Nice and One is Not. original oil painting


Pic-12182014-001This is one of the first oil paintings I ever did. I was watching American Horror Story and got all inspired watching Dot and Bette. I wanted to paint a pair of conjoined twins. So this is my version.

This is an original oil painting done directly on a vintage photo.

Size is 3.5 x 5-inches.

The price for this piece is $10 plus $2 shipping withing the USA. If you live outside the United States, just write me and get a quote. It’s usually under $9 shipping for most places around the globe.

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She Knew Every Day She Could Count on Being Yelled At By Him- abstract watercolor 5×7

$_12 (30)I love Reddit. It’s one my fave places on the Internet. I wind up reading Reddit/Relationships – I know a lot of trolling goes on there but some legit sharing too. I read one very detailed and long post from a woman telling about her life with a verbally abusive man. The yelling and tantrums, just wow.

People were commenting to her, why don’t you just leave? She wasn’t in a position to do that financially. She had no job, no support systems, he’d driven off all her friends long ago, no car,no savings of her own he didn’t have access to, and she had a young child to think about. She also feared him because he said he’d disappear with their child on the first visitation. She said he was so charming when wanted to be, he would indeed fool a judge into visitation.

The most shocking part of the entire post I read, was the number of other women in a similar situation. They didn’t have physical bruises but they were verbally abused frequently by the person that was supposed to love them.

This is a 5×7 inches abstract watercolor
Price is $9 plus $2 shipping within the U.S.
If you live outside the USA, just write me for a shipping quote!

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My Friend Used to Get in Trouble With her Mother Because She Looked Like Her Estranged Father

$_12 (29)With a friend’s permission, I’ll relate the story behind this artwork. I have a friend and her parents had a majorly unfriendly divorce. So unfriendly that her father finally took a job that took him allllll the way from NY to Alaska so he wouldn’t be coming around so much because the mother was so acrimonious about things.

My friend  only saw her father during the summer and when he could afford to fly her in for the holidays. And when she was home, her mom would get a little too deep into a bottle of wine and start getting angry at my friend for looking like her father. After a few years of swimming in this, Mom gave up drinking and found hobbies that made her happy. Wound up meeting a great guy too.

My friend said now that she’s an adult, been through a divorce herself (kept it friendly for the kids), she can let any animosity she had for either of her parents over the situation go. She said her mom and dad actually manage to have civil interactions all these years later and are Facebook friends. :D

This artwork is acrylic painted on a vintage photo from around 1910-ish and sealed under varnish.
The size is 3.5 x 5.5-inches.
Price is $10 + $2 shipping within the USA.
If you live outside the U.S., just write me and I’ll be happy to give you a quote for shipping. It is generally  under $9 to most places.

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Have You Seen the Conscious Coupling Suit? Original arcylic painting on vintage photo –

conscious coupling suitThis is Ira, he invented the Conscious Coupling suit long before that Gwyneth person used the term. However even though Ira and his wife were wildly in love and happy, the Conscious Coupling suit never caught on. Ira was very disappointed.

This piece is acrylic paint directly on a vintage photo cabinet card from around 1900-1910 and is sealed under varnish.

Price is $10 plus $2 shipping within the United States.
Live outside the U.S.? No Problem! Just contact me for a shipping quote – it’s usually under $9 for most regions of the world.

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Prayers for Humans Outsider Art

Pic-12012014-002I still think zombies are funny. I am not sure why the dead are so horrifying to some. I was flipping around on Netflix and saw some ghost hunter show. It struck me how funny it is they say “Can you move something?” or ask the ghost to do some sort of simplistic trick to show they are there like they suppose people become idiots after death. “Can you tell me my name?”
I have no idea if anything happens after we die any more than you do, but if it does, I doubt we become morons who can only do simple parlor tricks.

The technique used is hand painted with watercolor and inks on a vintage book page from a children’s hymn book from 1950. It was originally titled, “Prayers and Hymns.” Now it reads, “Prayers for Humans” and little zombie children are hoping their prayers get answered!
Dimensions are approx. 5″ x 8″.

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Humans are Apes that Wear Shoes 4.5 x 6.5-inches Acrylic Painting

$_12 (27)

It drives me crazy when people are willfully ignorant, and insist god is the only way people got on earth. Evolution is just a theory..pfffttt…
I actually love the idea of being part of the ape family – apes are a truly awesome species.

This is an acrylic painting directly on a vintage photo sealed under varnish.
4.5 x 6.5-inches
Sold and lives in a private collection.

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Baby Girl in a Purple Hat with a Ferret

$_12I love ferrets. I’ve wanted to add one to our family for a long time but I read they tend to get adrenal disease and insulinoma after the age of 3 in their around 8-year life span.
I love their curiosity and their little hands.
When I painted her I got inspired by Dandy Mott from American Horror Story, and his front forehead curls. :)

She is 5.5-inches by 7.5-inches and is done with acrylic paint directly on a vintage photo.

This piece is sold and lives in a private collection.


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Sock Puppet in a Chair

$_12 (32)Sock puppets are super creepy to me, almost as creepy as clowns but clowns still win the creepadelic award. I wanted to paint a sock puppet in a traditional portrait pose. So I did! This is a 9×12 watercolor with a 1 inch white border for easy framing.

Price: This piece is sold and lives in a private collection!

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Her Best Friend was a Green Parrot Watercolor 5×7 Original Painting

$_12 (31)

I love birds. I have had parakeets (well budgies) and a wonderful cockatiel named ChickenBoo that I had for 15 years. He used to call my cats by saying, “Kitty, kitty, kitty!” The cats would come running fully expecting food, and then he’d laugh. I loved that bird.

When I once again live in a home with reliable heat, I want another bird to be a member of fam. :)

This piece is 5×7 and ready to frame.
It is $9 + $2 shipping within the US.
If you live outside the US, just write me for a quote on shipping – it’s usually under $9 for most regions of the world.

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