All Further Communication Will Go Through My Attorney

Someone threatened to sue me for telling the truth. What a joke. Everyone knows lies eventually grow mold and stink – truth never does – that’s why it always comes out on top and outlives any lie.

This is a 4×6 acrylic and ink on a vintage photo from around 1930s.
Write me if you’d like to purchase or you can buy through the ArtFinder Gallery Online

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She Used Many Expensive, Holistic Treatments for Pink Eye

This is an original painting on wood 5×8 and done in acrylics. Originally it was going to be about people that annoy me so badly they give me pink eye and an early version of this painting read, “Some people give me pink eye with their mere being….”

Then I decided to really give her a whoppin’ case of pink eye and all these expensive holistic treatments she thinks will work. And no, I am not knocking homeopathy. I’m all for the body healing itself naturally but there’s a time and place for antibiotics too.

If you’re interested in owning this piece – it’s for sale through Saatchi Gallery or you can contact me directly at Always good to hear from people! DSCN0350

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Elizabeth was a Rotten Apple (Yes she was) original watercolor

This is another one done on a page from Sarah Palin’s book, “Going Rogue.” It’s been the most useful painting ground ! This is Elizabeth, she’s a rotten apple.
6×9 inches watercolor and ink.

Contact me at if you’d like to purchase. :)


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Nun with a Banana painted on a vintage children’s hymn book page

This piece has lot going on.  I get accused of wanting the express line to Hell, but I just like nuns. This is a nun carrying a banana. Originally it was going to be like a ninja nun with a banana as a deadly weapon but then she want all peaceful and was just carrying it.

This is an watercolor and ink artwork painted on a children’s hymn book page from 1950. It is sprayed with varnish to retain the colors.

If you’re interested in owning this piece – contact me at :)

s-l1600 (23)


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What I am working on right now

I’ve pretty much made up my mind I am leaving Ebay. I have made up my mind I am only going to sell $10 and under paintings on Ebay.

It was a great place to sell art and I have met some of the coolest people, but unless you spend a lot of money on different types of listings you aren’t favored in search results anymore, and the type of buyer  that just wants the lowest price that they are now attracting is just making it a place I can’t make a living anymore. Time to diversify.

I had a woman recently write me and offer to take 2 paintings off my hands for the price of one.  Another one got her art and then her payment bounced and she is basically refusing to make it good. She got her art and she pointed out to me, I can paint more right??? It’s like poof, more paintings….it’s not like I am really out anything like you know, someone that owns a store with merchandise. I can make more. Ugh …. people….

Okay enough kvetching. Here is what I am working on (poof! More art) today.
None of these pieces I am sharing below are done.
Starting from the left – 2 kitties “It Will Be Better” – needs more layers of paint.
Next is “Artist’s Ideas” – I haven’t decided if I am doing this in watercolor or acrylic or oil yet.
Then, close up of a goat girl – she’s part of a much larger piece this is an ACEO (2.5×3.5 inches)
Next row – The Sneeze ACEO
and Anger ACEO

11084197_10152657110311020_2972740377227223937_o 11010564_10152657108701020_8496281247684781775_o 10922267_10152657110656020_5648522600305911217_o 11073502_10152657110676020_8641697939885635635_o 1891321_10152657110631020_7730428457373174724_o

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Sheep in a Party Hat on a page from Sarah Palin’s Book ACEO

s-l1600 (5)This is an ACEO that was fun to do. A friend gave me a copy of Sarah Palin’s book, Going Rogue and I have been using it for months as a background for paintings, mostly ACEO cards.

This guy is a sheep in a party hat  because I like sheep in party hats.

Size : ACEO 2.5×3.5 inches
watercolor, ink, on page from book.

Price : $10 plus free shipping (US only)

If you’d like to purchase this piece – just contact me below!


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BBW Art – Apple Picker Acrylic on Wood

s-l1600 (3)This is a fun little painting. I love painting BBWs (Big Beautiful Women if you haven’t seen that before).

Here is the info on this little painting:

Size: 3×3
Material – wood
I used ink and acrylic on this and the piece is sealed under varnish.
Price : $15 – shipping is free (US only)
International shipping will normally run around $9.

If you’d like to purchase this piece – just contact me below!

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Couldn’t Be Happy Even if She Were Riding a Unicorn with Bluebirds of Happiness Flying out of its Butt

Finished this 8 x10 watercolor painting.
First let me cover what this painting is NOT about based on some of the emails I’ve been getting.
It is not about depression or anyone that is depressed. I thought of this painting, I did this painting and no one more than me knows the intention of this painting.
It is about people who choose to not embrace the things they have and only lament the things they don’t have.
I don’t make fun of people struggling with anything. I have a very dark sense of humor but not a cruel one. Depression isn’t funny.
This painting is  about the people who choose to be the negative, unappreciative asshats of the world, not anyone that struggles with depression. I have nothing but admiration and compassion for anyone fighting that demon.
We cool now? Good. I like it when we’re cool. If you want to buy this piece, I am sorry it is sold but you can get something similar as a commission for $50.

Pic-02062015-006 Pic-02062015-007 Pic-02062015-003 Pic-02062015-004

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