say every artwork has a story.

I love making new friends and hope you enjoy my art.

I think humans are amazing. You, reading this now, are AMAZING!
I like to think of many of the pieces I do as a snippet of a moment in time.
A single remark or an answer to a question someone asked.
I  am a self-representing artist since the 1980’s.
That means you are buying this artwork directly from moi, your humble artist.

Thousands of my original pieces live in happy public and private collections around the world.
I like selling one-on-one to fans of my style.

What do I Do

I do watercolor, acrylic, oil, paper mache sculpture, masks, and art cars.

I’ve made two art cars together with my partner (so far).

Toledo Art Cars
Our first art car was the Art Us made from a 1990 Ford Taurus and in we decided since it was about art, it was about us and Art Us was about the only word we could craft from the name of the car when we sawed it off and messed around with the lettering on the back tailgate.
571The car was a huge collection of jewelry, paintings, antique mirrors, and things we loved together. Every single bead, mirror and widget and gizmo was put on that car with GE Silicone II in black. It is the BEST. I don’t have a garage and it holds up to Ohio winters which are freakin’ brutal – like sometimes minus 20-degrees.

It all started with a painting on the gas cap of the moon :).

Then a mechanic messed up and left the distributor cap off our car and caused a fire that burned up the engine. Luckily they said mea culpa and totally fixed everything like new. So for a car from 1990 it had a lot of new parts 🙂

Our next art car was Plan B, so named because we had this absolutely killer idea to cover a car in holographic tiles and so we tested it out on a door and found for outdoors it would not work.

In the harsh Ohio winter, those gorgeous little holographic tiles went from amazing colors to being sad little black things.
So we scraped that off and moved on to Plan B.
Using GE Silicone II in black again, covering a car in at about 5,000+ (we stopped counting after that it’s seriously probably closer to 10,000) outdoor acrylic jewels. See another photo at The Ford Story page.

We are currently working on a THIRD ART CAR (using GE Silicone II again) .