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3am Cat Serenade

Title: 3am Cat Serenade

Materials used: watercolor

Created on 6 x 4.5-inch hand torn watercolor paper

This artwork will be shipped to you flat

This artwork is unframed.

Inspiration: Our cat Noodle holds a concert in the most echoey part of the house around 3am in the morning…. she’s into heavy metal meow and scream-meow “music”…

Just added in the store :

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New Coffee Mug Design Added – FOAMY IS HERE

I love Foamy – He modeled a lot after one of our dogs, Mack who was adopted as a young puppy from a cruelty situation. Mack isn’t rabid (obviously) but he is very let me stress VERY fearful and he doesn’t see well so he reacts with teeth and growling to pretty much anything unfamiliar.

You can see the Foamy Coffee Mug and remember – coffee mugs make awesome gifts!