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New Print! Crazier Than a Sack of Wet Cats

Can I just say how much I love my printing company? I’ve been through, Cafepress and Fine Art America and my printing company I use now, let me offer 8×10 prints for $14 instead of like 20-something dollars and the quality is museum-level. Super happy.

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Checking out the Great Kids Snacks Box!

So, my youngest spawn is a teenager now and this kid can eat. He loves snacks and I want him to make good choices (mostly). We have looked at and purchased snack boxes in the past, including one from Japan that was the height of unusual ingredients (candied octopus anyone?)

When we were given the chance to try the Great Kids Snack Box – I said YES.

Here is the unboxing:

Get your own box here: 👉ā€¦/great-kids-snack-box-30-sā€¦

#GREATKidsSnacks #WeLoveThis

Look at how much stuff you get!

I admit, I loathe ketchup and the Kettle Style Ketchup Mustard Pickle chips outright scared me and they were not bad at all, in fact, they were almost addictive. The Organic Delish Fish were by far my fave. My son loved all the different types of snack bars, hemp, coconut and chia seed-based – all good choices.

I highly recommend this snackbox ! Get your own box here: 👉ā€¦/great-kids-snack-box-30-sā€¦

The bars were especially helpful because we homeschool and my son gets hungry during class. The bars are a great way for him to have a snack and not have to stop or lose any momentum for whatever he is studying. In our box, there were very few brands I knew and in reading the ingredients, I found mostly organic ingredients, no high fructose corn syrup or other ingredients I don’t want to see. Overall, we were really pleased with the contents of our first snack box!

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New Art for March 1st!

The weather has been beyond crummy so I’ve been painting a lot! Also, I am working on a paper mache sculpture using paper mache clay recipe I found. I’ll share the recipe when I get the figure done. šŸ™‚

Here are some of the pieces I completed and just got done varnishing – three of them are painted on vintage postcards from 1901 to 1924, just over and almost 100 years ago… šŸ™‚

All of them are up in the Ebay Store.

How to Relax
Long Necked Ladies in Purple by the Pool

My cat Dexter every single morning from 6am until he is fed… he acts like he never gets food EVER
People who talk and talk and say nothing waste your time
Surprised Girl