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The Story of the BBWs that Dance to Keep the Motion in the Ocean

This piece was too big to put on my scanner and my camera was just sucking and washing out the colors.  Skinney offered to throw my camera at the wall because he’s good like that, but I did a little video instead 🙂

This is a video description of a 10-inch by 13-inch watercolor of 3 bbw divas dancing on the ocean shore.

Many people believe the moon controls the waves of the ocean.
Not true!
Did you know it’s three blue goddesses that come to dance on the shore with their seaweed hair waving in the ocean breeze.
They dance for the moon and make her smile.
They stomp and wiggle and they dance to a tune only they can hear – I’m pretty sure it’s techno and they keep the motion of the ocean going in and out as it should.

Size : 13-inches by 10-inches
Ink, watercolor on 140lb cold pressed paper.

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Tina is No Good at Starting Conversations –

I actually painted this about 2 years ago when the actual incident that lead to this painting occurred.
There was a stepmother who absolutely ignored her stepdaughter.
In over 6 years, not one single email, text message, letter or phone call to her step daughter that she claimed she wanted to be part of their family.
She instructed her own children to have little to do with the step-daughter and being dutiful kids, they did.
The stepmother would ask others about her stepdaughter even when the girl was in the room.
If the stepdaughter spoke to her stepmother, she would be met with a grunt or silence.
Every photo of the step-daughter was removed from the walls of the house save one left the father’s study.
And when the daughter confronted her father and asked him to intervene and please talk to his wife and help everyone find some common ground, her father simply told her that her stepmother wasn’t good at starting conversations.

I feel bad for them both, they missed out on knowing a great kid 🙂

Size : 11-inches by 14-inches
Ink, watercolor on 140lb hot pressed paper.

Tina is not the actual name of the person I am referring to in this story.

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Dead Rita

I have 2 sisters. One I really don’t know well and from what I have come to know, well I don’t want to know her. I don’t delight in the misfortunes of others and anyone that does just can’t be in my life.
The other sister, was creative, funny, always saw the positive, very compassionate and did the most amazing calligraphy lettering.
I used to be very close to until the late 1980’s when she become someone I really didn’t know anymore.
I couldn’t trust her to be truthful with me about anything and then she started stealing my identity and she fell hard into drugs to the point she abandoned both her children and was prostituting herself.
I’ve gotten one letter from her during yet another brief time of sobriety that never lasts and had probably two conversations with her in the past 20 years. I have to just reconcile myself that the sister I had so much fun with, could count on for anything and really was my sister – is for all intents and purposes dead.

Size : 6-inches by 9-inches
Ink, watercolor on 140lb cold pressed paper.


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Siamese Cat Time Travel Totem Watercolor

I was inspired by this quote I saw: “

“If you want to feel sad, live in the past.
If you want to feel anxious, live in the future.
If you want to feel peaceful, live in the now.”

Somehow that translated in my brain to 3 Siamese cats with the Latin words for past, present and future written on their collars.

So if you wanna time travel in the present – this painting will allow you to do that. 😀

Size : 9-inches by 12-inches
Ink, watercolor on 140lb hot pressed paper.

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Irrational Anger – Humans that Yell in my face suck eggs

Here’s the story:
I hate it when someone is getting all pissy with me for no reason. I mean, yeah I’m good at totally pissing people off when I want to.
But mostly, I don’t want to.
I prefer to see my fellow humans smiling, not frowning and certainly not screaming and spitting and sputtering in my face.
But now and then, it happens. This is what the yelling party transforms to in my head.
It’s why I smile when someone yells at me, can’t help it.

And I love making Artist Trading Cards or ACEO’s (
Art Cards, Editions and Originals) – you’ve been warned.
Size : 2.5-inches by 3.5-inches



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Very Bad People ACEO Original Set of 4

ACEO Card Set

I bumbled onto the Crime Library to read more about the Mountain Meadows Massacre and there was this other article I clicked on and it was the Top Ten Bestiality Cases. It was mugshots and a short synopsis of what these people did and I was just reading a couple thinking wow these are bad people and then I drew them and wrote my take on the synopsis on the back (basically an even shorter synopsis).

very bad people
Backs of the ACEO Cards
very bad people

Click the ACEO link at the top of the page to go to Ebay and place a bid 🙂

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New ACEO Cards Avialable Today

Good Morning and Hello!
Before these go up on Ebay (after we make tortillas today) I wanted to give you a little preview of the fun of ACEO cards. 🙂

Left to Right Top Row

►Mrs. Cockroach got a new dress.
► She Could only look down her nose at them – inspired by a real person I met who serious had her head back looking down at people at an event we were at, people of lesser means made her “uncomfortable”….
► Boss Pear runs the Fruit Bowl – inspired by a pear that got moldy and ruined other fruits in the bowl.
► Siamese Cat – because we love ’em.
► These boots are made for walkin’ (always loved that campy song).
► Really ugly doll – reminiscent of a doll someone made for me.
#outsiderart #ooakart

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My Favorite Air Dry Clay

I have made tons of clay to work with and it’s not secret I adore paper mache , but I wanted to share one of my favorite air dry clays for sculpting unique heads.
It has a little bit of shrinkage as it dries so you cannot use it over an armature but it’s fantastic for just making doll heads.

At it’s only $17.99 for a 25-lb block and it’s very soft and easy to handle.
If you’re looking for something to play with that is a little different – check this out

Doll heads are drying – I cannot wait to show you my coming doll sculptures!

This is how Amazo Air Dry Clay arrives in the 25-lb box

A few tips:

If the clay is drying faster on one side, just mist or put a damp piece of muslin or cheese cloth over it. (Paper towels stuck horribly when I tried it with them).

There will be shinkage – you can use this in molds but it won’t be the same size as say using Sculpey or Fimo.

Do not use over an armature – it cracks and falls off every time.

Once dry you can sand, I use a Dremel tool on mine, paint and seal and I haven’t had any issues with cracking or breaking.



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BBW Dancing Beach Diva :)

I have been working on a larger piece of 3 dancing beach bbw divas  and this is one of my early sketches for what I was considering for a design.
I love making Artist Trading Cards or ACEO’s (
Art Cards, Editions and Originals)- you’ve been warned

Size : 2.5-inches by 3.5-inches
mixed media Artist Trading Card 🙂


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Don’t Forget to Let the Wind Blow Through Your Hair

Some days I am so busy I seriously forget to breathe I think.
I keep a very tight schedule – You’d laugh if you saw how many times a day I look in my planner to see what I need to be doing – and I started leaving some blank time in the afternoon.
I take my dog out, leave my cell phone and everything in the house and feel the wind, appreciate the sun and notice my grass needs mowing gotta write that in the planner for tomorrow.
But you get the idea – just stop now and then – more often than not and take in how amazing everything around you really is.

I love making Artist Trading Cards or ACEO’s (Art Cards, Editions and Originals)- you’ve been warned

Size : 2.5-inches by 3.5-inches
mixed media Artist Trading Card 🙂