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  • Janet’s Power

    Thank God for Janet, she singlehandedly stopped starvation in the valley by praying that it would end. Of course, she could have given food to these starving people. But that’s a bit too much work, it’s her food after all. Why would she do that when she can think about it stopping instead? You can buy a coffee mug of this absolute hero in sizes of 11oz and 15oz.

  • No One Played With Foamy Mug

    No one ever wanted to play with Foamy. I’m not sure whether it was due to the fact he was a cheater or because he had rabies, but no one ever wanted to play with him. So few people played with him that eventually, he became part of a coffee mug out of pure boredom. You can buy a Foamy coffee mug, and although you may not be playing with him, you can drink out of him at least and make Foamy happy.

  • The Meat Lady Butcher Babe is on a COFFEE MUG

    I test drove a few of these coffee mugs and they look great and hold up very well. I am kinda notorious for dropping my coffee mugs and so far a couple of times it’s happened – THEY DID NOT BREAK! So happy!

    This fun mug is available in 11oz and 15oz for people who really love beverages. The ceramic outsider art butcher babe mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe and they have an attractive white and glossy appearance.  Know someone into paleo or keto – boom stocking stuffer handled.

    Any questions? Just ask!


  • Tis the Season

    Tis the Season

    To give ART! 

  • Sorry I Didn’t Wear My Caring Pants

    Sorry I Didn’t Wear My Caring Pants

    You know how it is when you just don’t care about something? But someone really wants you to care? But it’s not worth your time to care about? This coffee mug is for those times.
    This is actually my own personal fave mug and has been for a while.
    🙂 I don’t wear my caring pants very often either.

    The cool thing about the coffee mugs is that you can change the color of the mug to the one you like. There are a ton of colors to choose from – I like black but if you would rather have blue or some other color – you can change that at the time your order 🙂

    The coffee mugs are available in two sizes, 11 oz and 15 oz – which will hold all the coffee or tea you need while you’re not caring.
    They are made from ceramic and are dishwasher and microwave safe. 🙂

    and remember – they make absolutely killer gifts. You can fill them up with stuff and then every time the recipient uses the mug, they have to think about you and how awesome you are for giving them this nifty coffee mug. See? It’s a win=win.

  • I am Not a Serial Killer Coffee Mug

    I am Not a Serial Killer Coffee Mug

    Maybe it’s because it’s October but this my best selling mug of the month so far.
    It’s from an improved photo that resides in a private collection. I think it’s a fun little piece.
    If you want one of your own or to creep out your co-workers – just check out the coffee mugs link at the top of the page 🙂

    I love October!!!