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Weigh Your Heart Down Anti-Valentine’s Day Print

Have someone weighing your heart down like a 10-ton boulder or a battleship anchor? This somewhat anti-Valentine’s poster print to tell them about just how heavy they’re weighing you down. This poster print is made on museum-quality durable matte paper and makes a fun conversation piece if Valentine’s Day is not your favorite holiday.

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Robots Speaking Robot Language (ROILA) Print

I am fascinated by robots, AI, clones, that entire genre of science/invention.
What puzzles me most is why many times robots get made to look like humans – why? Did you know someone invented a language for robots to speak? Called Roila – you can read more about how to speak ROILA at this site.

This robot art print is available as an 8×10 inches or 12 x 16 inches size and would make a fun conversation piece or gift for your favorite person that loves robots too.

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Gossipy Teen Girls Fine Art Print

Want to add a conversation starter to your wall? You can’t miss with this print of gossiping teen girls. 

This fine art print is available in both 8×10 inches and 12×16 inches and arrives unframed printed on museum-quality matte print paper. It makes a fun addition to any decor and the color palette compliments both warm and cool colors. It would look sharp in a plain black frame to coordinate with the black ink used or a slick wooden frame to pick up the brown tones in the painting.

If you have any questions, just ask! 

gossip teen girls watercolor

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Play With Foamy

Finally give Foamy a playmate when you purchase this poster print of him. No one will play with Foamy, because Foamy foams too much foam. Since no one will play with Foamy, you should fill the spot! Foamy loves all kinds of games. Foamy’s particular favorite games are: tug-of-war, he loves to chase balls and he loves to chase people! Sometimes he even manages to catch these people, they’re never very pleased when he does. Everybody is afraid of Foamy, but it’s just a little rabies, nothing to be concerned about. He has his rabies vaccination, I think. You’ll have to run that over with him.

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Put Some Meat on Your Walls


Have your walls “meat” a brand new decoration with this print of a keto or paleo lady butcher, whichever you think she is is up to you. The original was painted from a vintage photograph featuring pin-up girls in everyday jobs. This is a museum-quality poster that was produced on thick matte paper. The cuts of beef that surround the woman were painted from illustrations from a 1920s cookbook. Pick your favorite cut of beef when you purchase this print. If you love butcher girls and you adore meat, then this poster print will positively thrill you. If I was you, I’d pick the top round steak.