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  • Original Painting No Water No Problem SANDBOATS girl outsider art by 3amgallery

    No water …. no problem ….. Nancy played with SANDBOATS

    I offer combined shipping!
    Just ask for a combined shipping invoice  🙂


    • Original painting.
    • Mixed media painting on vintage photo 
    • piece measures 3.5 x 5.5 inches
    • Colors may display differently on your screen 

  • The Fashion Police fine art print

    Do fashion crimes upset you? You are in luck, in this print, the fashion police are on the job ridding the world of stripes worn with plaids and last season Pradas worn in public (not to mention white shoes after Labor Day).  Available in both 8×10 and 12×16 sizes and makes the perfect fun addition or conversation piece in your room. (Makes a smile-inducing gift too)

  • Have a Boston Terrier for Dinner (They prefer formal settings)

    Do you love Boston Terriers? I love all dogs but these clowns of the dog world I find enchanting. The original painting resides in a private collection, however, I have 8×10 and 12×16 inches sizes prints available of this fun Boston Terrier Dog Art Print. Would make an outstanding gift for your favorite dog lover or treat yourself!


  • Organizing Where I Sell [updated 2020]

    Organizing Where I Sell [updated 2020]

    Time has become quite the commodity. I’ve been experimenting the past year with various outlets to sell art and decided to have just two main avenues. (Obviously you can always contact me directly if you want talk commission or something.)

    Original Artworks

    – will be sold on Ebay

    Fine Art Prints

    along with prints, greeting cards and pretty much anything you can put an image on will be available at Fine Art America

    I dismantled the store on my site – it was just too much to keep up with – plus collectors know Ebay, they know Fine Art America – and are much more familiar with those big name venues – they don’t know me, don’t trust doing biz in a place they don’t know. So, I think I found a happy medium that works for art buyers and me. 🙂

    [UPDATE] 2020 – I built my own site and set up a relationship with my own fine art print maker. I had some less than stellar experiences with Fine Art America had to bid them adieu. I still sell my original work on eBay and that isn’t changing for the foreseeable future.

    Ebay has been steady selling and I only just started selling prints at Fine Art America. At the time of this writing I have 25 different prints up, over the next week I should have closer to 125 different prints to choose from! Plus you can add a mat and frame.
    I’ve sold some and the feedback has been great!

    If you love to read and prefer books with images. I can hook you up! Available for reading on any device OR in print if you like to hold a book in your hands.
    Tales From Nebrahoma - Kindle edition by Jo Potocki. Arts & Photography Kindle eBooks @

    I need coffee. I’ll post more later.

  • Tis the Season

    Tis the Season

    To give ART! 

  • Birthday 2016 Original Acrylic Painting on Vintage Photo 10x12in

    Birthday 2016 Original Acrylic Painting on Vintage Photo 10x12in

    Every year around my birthday I paint a whacked out party happening. 🙂 This year is a gathering with Unicorn Fish.

    This piece is 10x12in and is acrylic on a vintage photo.


  • Saint Fun Sponge the Time Ruiner Acrylic on Vintage Photo

    Saint Fun Sponge the Time Ruiner Acrylic on Vintage Photo

    Painting: acrylic on vintage photo

    Size: 4.5 x 6.5 inches

    I think we all know someone like this.
    Want to make it yours? It’s available in the store!

    Category Acrylic painting
    Subject People & portraits
    Substrate Other
    Materials acrylic on vintage photo
    Style Naive
    Dimensions 2.5 × 4.5 × 0.3 in (unframed) / 2.5 × 4.5 in (actual image size)
    Framing This artwork is sold unframed

  • Robot Wins 8×10 Original Acrylic Painting

    Robot Wins 8×10 Original Acrylic Painting

    robotwins1As you know, I like to paint directly on photos. I found an old beat-up movie still from the 1956 B-classic, “Earth vs. the Flying Saucers.” The photos had some wear and damage so I mounted it carefully on a heavy mat board and then painted it. Added some flames along the fence line in the back. Gotta love the 1950’s and their phallic robots.

    About this piece

    I love old movies. I love old horror and sci-fi movies with a passion.
    This is a photo still mounted on a heavy mat board and painted directly on the piece.
    The size is 8×10.
    This artwork is sealed under varnish
    and…. it is sold. 🙂

  • Donald Trump Art Pieces

    Someone sent this to me today.
    Apparently I got a mention in Bustle for a piece I did a while back. They did a collection of Donald Trump inspired art pieces. The Donald done in menstrual blood is cracking me up big-time.
    Check it out here :
    donald trump art