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  • Support Living Artists – the dead ones don’t need it.

    I ran across this and thought it rang so true.

  • Weekend Sale! 12-5 through 12-7-2014

    We thought it would fun to have a sale this weekend – so we are! If you check out our Ebay items you will see a lot of fun, original outsider art for the taking. 🙂
    If you don’t buy from us, support self representing artists this holiday season – art is always the best gift!

    Anything we put up this weekend will have a sale price too.

  • Outsider Art Gallery in Paris

    A gentleman in Paris, France has a really cool outsider art collection he’s sharing with the world via his website – check it out here at Jean-Luc Adde.

  • Had to Buy a NeoLucida!

    I have been waiting for 6 months for this fun thing to be re-released. I found out about their KickStarter campaign the day after it closed ! I would have totally supported this!
    Check out the NeoLucida – I’ve had $47 bucks put back since May-ish waiting and waiting. Today I finally bought one -woo hoo can’t wait to use it!

    Limited quantities are available – get yours here :

    Here’s a video that gives a good overview

  • New Art and WHAT a Week!

    First, I am excited to share some new paintings with you. This I’ll tell you about our sucky week.
    Click to see the full size image.
    The top one is “Crime Scene”. We are not sure who killed the olive but someone committed murder in a martini. Next to the right is “Bunny Lover Moon.”
    Then on the second row, this is Tammy. I freakin’ LOVE the “Fido” movie and this is my homage to Tammy.   Then we have a little party in the pasture with some sheep in party hats. And Pumpkin Girl finishes up dancing in the pale moonlight.

    We have had a very cold week.  Columbia Gas did some stupid digging, and hit something necessary to supply heat to our house. Turns out their mistake is some plumbing companies windfall because now I have 3 huge repairs staring me down.
    Super fun in my front yard

    1 – valves (happening today) for $549.
    2- replace street to house gas lines $1900
    3- replace all water lines for boiler system $2500

    This all has to be handled in the next 30 days so I am going to be taking all the writing gigs I can get and painting as much as possible. Here’s to hopin’ we can do this 🙂

  • My Favorite Air Dry Clay

    I have made tons of clay to work with and it’s not secret I adore paper mache , but I wanted to share one of my favorite air dry clays for sculpting unique heads.
    It has a little bit of shrinkage as it dries so you cannot use it over an armature but it’s fantastic for just making doll heads.

    At it’s only $17.99 for a 25-lb block and it’s very soft and easy to handle.
    If you’re looking for something to play with that is a little different – check this out

    Doll heads are drying – I cannot wait to show you my coming doll sculptures!

    This is how Amazo Air Dry Clay arrives in the 25-lb box

    A few tips:

    If the clay is drying faster on one side, just mist or put a damp piece of muslin or cheese cloth over it. (Paper towels stuck horribly when I tried it with them).

    There will be shinkage – you can use this in molds but it won’t be the same size as say using Sculpey or Fimo.

    Do not use over an armature – it cracks and falls off every time.

    Once dry you can sand, I use a Dremel tool on mine, paint and seal and I haven’t had any issues with cracking or breaking.



  • Difference Between Hot Press and Cold Press Watercolor Paper

    I get asked this a lot and I was typing a response when I decided to see if there any better explanations than my own and yes, yes indeed there was  – check this out
    This is far more detailed than my short and sweet –
    ►cold pressed – textured and less vibrant color
    ►hot pressed – smooth and more vibrant color

    difference between hot press and cold press watercolor paper

    Read the whole article about hot and cold press watercolor paper differences here – it’s great!

  • Make a Hummingbird Ornament with Paper Mache Clay – YouTube

    I am a HUGE fan of Jonni Good and Ultimate PaperMache – check this out to make this super nifty hanging hummingbird!
    Make a Hummingbird Ornament with Paper Mache Clay – YouTube.

  • Got a New Hosting Company

    Any now the real fun begins of rebuilding this site!