Janet prayed over dinner that someone would do something about the starving people in the valley…..

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    3 completed artworks today

    I did three art pieces today. All three are watercolors and one is an ACEO sized (2.5 x 3.5 inches) of yet another cat for the Cat Advent Calendar series that is going on until the 24th. 
    Today’s cat brings you a MOLE. 
    And I did two abstracts – one is called I need attention and it was inspired by having to be around an adult having a temper tantrum slamming doors, banging cabinets and screaming and yelling over ……nothing
    The last one is about feeling lonely in a crowd. 

    You can see them all and more original paintings on eBay at 3amGallery store.

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      No Monsters Here

      This is an original painting on a vintage postcard. I used watercolors because I love how they kinda soak in and really saturate the postcards. 

      This piece is in the eBay store, if you get there and don’t see it – then it’s been sold. 🙂 Talk to me about a commission for a similar piece.

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        The Queen of the DMV

        So, confession time: I never learned how to drive. I way older than a teenager and I just never wanted to drive. I love being a passenger and Uber rocks.

        I do need an i.d. thought. Since I never have it out – it expired on my birthday LAST AUGUST so months later – oops I need it and it’s expired. So I go to the DMV and this woman was a total cow to me. I need my birth certificate and more i.d. 

        Okay fine. Then she has an issue with how my name went from my maiden name to my name today. We need to show how that change happened. 
        I was just standing there staring……. I never had to do this before. 

        I went home without an i.d. I am going back with both sets of divorce papers, my social security card, my birth certificate and some bills for that hooker and watch, someone really cool will be working and think I am a total nutcase for bringing all this i.d.

        This is a 3×3-inch painting on a little canvas. Ready to hang and no framing necessary. 

        At the time of this writing, this piece was available in the eBay store. If you get there and it’s not there, it’s off living life with a happy collector.

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          Third Eye Cat original painting 8×10

          Title: 3rd eye cat

          Comment – third eye cat knows where all the treats and toys are

          This is an 8×10 watercolor painting on illustration board

          Item Specifics:
          Size: 8×10
          Painted in watercolors
          Original artwork

          At the time of this writing, the piece was available in my eBay store – if you don’t find it there, it means the artwork is living in a happy home. If you’d like something similar, talk to me about a commission or find a fun, new piece of art here.

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