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Black Cat Sleeping in the Sun Acrylic Painting on Vintage Postcard

Black Cat SLeeping on a Red Rug in the Sun

Raw outsider art painting … acrylic on a vintage postcard from the early 1900s.

This piece measures 3.5″  x   5.5″ .

My artworks are in happy homes around the globe in private and public collections. My art is highly collectible.
I paint daily, so there’s always another piece to collect!
This artwork was done by me. I am a self-taught artist that produces my artworks in my creepy basement studio in 
exotic Toledo, OH.

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Yes or No Amputee Twins painted on vintage postcard

amputee twins yes or no

This is a fun little painting. I have been thinking of painting a really whacked out Ouija board for a while and I want to use different elements, this is one section of the board – the yes and no part

The twins are painted on a 3.5 x 5.5 inch vintage postcard. I used masking tape around the edges then painted over that – the entire piece is sealed under clear varnish.

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La La La – I’m Not Listening Acrylic Painting on Vintage Photo Outsider Art

I cannot stand being yelled at and I hate it when people try to hit me with a lot of negativity. It stops me from creating when I’m around a lot of negative output – so I don’t listen.

This is a 5.25-inches by 7-inches and the technique used is acrylic paint on vintage photo. This piece is ready to frame and repel negativity in your domain!
This piece is sold and lives in a private collection.$_3

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First Day of Techno, She was There

Here’s the story that inspired this piece :

I was watching this amazing argument on Facebook with two people arguing over which of them heard Techno music first.
I beg to differ, everyone knows it was this woman, first day of techno – she was there!



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BBW Diva Devil Woman!

I was talking with a friend of mine and she’s a BBW and she was lamenting all the horror movies, the demons are always skinny and lanky – and I thought about it, she was right.
I couldn’t think of one single sassy, BBW demon.
So I made one – this one is super sassy, rockin’ a little red demon outfit and she has a bewitching new pitchfork , you know for poking. 😉
#bbw, #devilwoman

bbw devil

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She Never Minded He Looked Like an Elephant

True love sees past all our dents and dings as humans. We see the inner person we love not what’s on the outside.
I am lucky to have found that in this life and so did the two people in this improved photo. She never minded he looked like an elephant, sprayed water all over the bathroom with  his truck on Saturday night bath night and left peanut shells in the bed, she loved who he was and found all that stuff totally endearing. #marriage

elephant man

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Russell’s Awesome Invention

Russell made a great invention. This marvelous machine would take your inner self and make your outside match your inside.
He tried it on his dog first, and the dog became even more beautiful.
He tried it on a mouse and the mouse became stunning.
Finally, he tried it on himself and he unfortunately had his face rearranged into a gigantic sphincter.
Then no one would fund his project. _____________________________________________________________

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Let’s Play Said the Fish to the Mermaid

This started as a blob of pink paint on a piece of watercolor paper. I found it after it dried. So i drew a circle around it, then I decided it was a pink pearl that a little fishy was holding in his fish teeth.
And then I thought, wouldn’t it be great if the pearl belonged to his best friend, a mermaid?
I love painting mermaids, especially drawing the scales on the tail – that is super fun to me (yeah I know, I’m weird).
I think it was also inspired because the fish tank on the second floor leaked and my side of the bed (of course) is wet – I think I”ll have to camp out on the couch in the living room tonight until it’s dry.

This will make a great addition to your collection of our art – bid now!
Size : 6-inches by 9-inches
Ink, watercolor on 140lb cold pressed paper.

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Your Uncle Bee

I am a huge fan of honey bees. I don’t particularly like honey that much but I love bees for what they do.
If it was legal in Toledo, I’d keep bees but alas it is not.

You can thank a honey bee for your even being here and if you would, think of them as family members.
In fact, consider this your Uncle Bee. 😀

Size : 6-inches by 4-inches
Ink, watercolor on antique photo from early 1900s

the story of what inspired this piece will be sent with your artwork

Shown larger than the actual piece for detail.

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On August 3, 1901, Jebidiah Wrote the Funniest Joke EVER

I am absolutely loved this guy’s face. He’s got the tiniest little smirk, like he knows something you don’t and it’s REALLY funny. He really looked like he was just holding back from busting into laughter.
I imagine he was a pretty awesome fellow to know in walking life.

My thought was that he wrote the funniest joke EVER – and now we have to wonder what it is.

Size : 6.5-inches by 4.25-inches
Ink, watercolor on antique photo from early 1900s

the story of what inspired this piece will be sent with your artwork

Shown larger than the actual piece for detail.