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The Most Important Part of a Vegan Diet is Telling Everyone It’s How You Eat

I’ve been eating organic for a very long time. Got rid of my microwave a long, long time ago and I don’t eat meat and haven’t for years. Skinney and I make nearly everything from scratch or source it local.
I don’t consider myself a vegetarian, I hate labels but if someone presses the closest thing I would say I am is a nutri-cian – whatever the healthiest option is, I will choose.

I had a friend of a friend that had  discovered being a vegan and you’d think she invented the concept. She totally cornered me and started telling/yelling at  me about animal cruelty in meat and how demand for beef is ruining the planet and I’m totally looking at my hands to see if I’m mistakenly holding a Big Mac or something.

Then I lost track of what she was saying because I noticed she was either beginning or ending every sentence with “I AM A VEGAN” like it somehow made her slightly better than all other humans. I told my friend to never bring this chick to a dinner party I’m at again unless she’s learned to control her vegan powers.


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Robot on Anatomy and Physiology Page

I have this book that is from the turn of last century and it has horrible advice about sexuality in it.
Like women are hysterical due to their uterus.
and there is a diagram of the male anatomy that fell out of the book and i dunno – it just screamed “Robot” to me.

So here you have it, a robot with a diagram of the male anatomy.



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Relationship Prison

relationship prison

When you live with an alcoholic, it’s like being in prison.
You can’t have friends over, you never know when  your alcoholic will ruin a get together.
You can’t go out, you never know when they will drink too much and either leave you stranded, cause a scene or even cause the loss of a friendship.
You can’t rely on anything they say because they might be drunk and will claim not to remember if it was a promise made.
You can’t have a serious discussion because you never know if the alcoholic will remember or not.
You can’t have a vacation, you can’t have a different opinion without getting shouted down and you can’t plan a future.
I’m so happy I escaped from that prison.

relationship prison

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First Day of Techno, She was There

Here’s the story that inspired this piece :

I was watching this amazing argument on Facebook with two people arguing over which of them heard Techno music first.
I beg to differ, everyone knows it was this woman, first day of techno – she was there!



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BBW Diva Devil Woman!

I was talking with a friend of mine and she’s a BBW and she was lamenting all the horror movies, the demons are always skinny and lanky – and I thought about it, she was right.
I couldn’t think of one single sassy, BBW demon.
So I made one – this one is super sassy, rockin’ a little red demon outfit and she has a bewitching new pitchfork , you know for poking. 😉
#bbw, #devilwoman

bbw devil