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  • The Cockroach Goddess 5×8 acrylic on wood

    This is a fun piece. This is a cockroach goddess holding a flower, bouquet of roses, a candy bar (she loves sugar!) and a candle above her roachy head.  There are fertile green hills and valleys with a river running through.

    You can purchase the Cockroach Goddess in the 3amStore


  • Lost Dog – Last Seen Orbiting Space

    Lost Dog – Last Seen Orbiting Space

    Laika the dog was one of the end of childhood defining moments for me. When I was little, I thought in my happy little girl head, that dog was up there in Sputnik II happily driving it around around the earth and eating dog treats ….. it wasn’t until later I found out out Laika was sent up with no way to bring her back.

    My friend David Hoffman made a totally kickass video about Sputnik/Laika –  – super cool films. 🙂
    Visit David on YouTube

    Oh yeah, we’re talking about a painting, see the piece at Ebay here : Jo Potocki Funky Folk Art Original Acrylic Painting Lost Dog in Space

  • I Would Have Liked Her Better – Acrylic on Canvas

    And so I was trapped in my seat on an airplane.
    Full flight, couldn’t get someone else to trade with me.
    One of those nice, quieter jets where the engines don’t drown out the super annoying person next to you.
    I was stuck next to this overly nervous, non-stop talking woman who did nothing but spew the most judgmental, rude crap.
    Pretty soon it became a game, look at my watch and then count how many times she said “I”.
    Over an hour of this, I had learned she thought everyone that didn’t put their hands over their hearts should be shipped out of ‘Merica and thought Fox News was the ONLY true news.
    I also learned she had some pretty extreme views on women’s rights (they didn’t need them, they had it good before and really if we loved a man enough to marry him, he could make our decisions for us as god intended) and most importantly, I learned that cable was just a way to show our people soft porno and corrupt us all!
    She was making me tired.
    Finally when she asked me what I did, I told I wrote musical scores for porn movies.
    She turned away and said nothing more. 🙂
    Best, last hour of a flight to Toledo, Ohio – EVER.

    Size : 3-inches by 5-inches
    acrylic paint on acrylic panel


  • Star Reacher – Acrylic on Canvas

    I think everyone has potential to be amazing.
    It’s just a matter of finding the star you want to chase and making a commitment to grasping at it. 🙂

    Size : 3-inches by 5-inches
    acrylic paint on acrylic panel


  • Never Cut Her Hair Acrylic on Canvas

    I met someone ages ago either on a lay over or at a party – I can’t remember which.
    She had the bar-none most gorgeous hair I’ve ever seen.
    it was incredibly long and just beautiful.
    We were chit chatting and was telling me how envious she was of any woman with short hair.
    So I asked why and she told me she promised her father she would never cut her hair and he had passed on when she was young.
    It was the promise of a child to a dying father.
    She wanted to cut her hair badly but felt she could never break her promise.

    Size : 3-inches by 5-inches
    acrylic paint on acrylic panel


  • Sarah Always Cut Her Own Hair Acrylic on Canvas

    I once knew this girl named Sarah.
    She was the funkiest person I’d ever met in my young life.
    And she always cut her own hair. Said she’d never stop cutting her own hair and couldn’t understand why ANYONE would pay someone else to cut their hair.
    I ran into her years later – she was a dog groomer and still very funky.

    Size : 3-inches by 5-inches
    acrylic paint on acrylic panel


  • The Lonely Sheep

    Imagine a pasture with a lot of sheep, doing different things 🙂
    This sheep is alone. He doesn’t hang out with other sheep – he’s very shy.

    Size : 3-inches by 5-inches
    acrylic paint on acrylic panel

    See this piece and more at Ebay – just click the Art at Ebay tab above

    Previous paintings in the sheep series – currently over 50 have been done.
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  • The Complainer


    Don’t you hate people that complain constantly?
    I consider baseless complaining a huge sign of laziness.
    I mean if you’re too hot or too cold, you take off or put on more clothes appropriately, you don’t stand around whining about it, at least I hope you don’t.
    When someone complains, I ask them what their solution is.
    Usually they have no answer which is a huge red flag that whoever was listening to the complaining (usually ME) was also expected to fix it.

    Tallulah Bankhead had a great quote – “Never complain, never explain…”

    😀 This complainer has an endlessly complaining mouth.
    Eyes that see no solution you offer.

    Size : 4.5-inches by 2.5-inches
    acrylic paint on wood sealed under several layers of clear varnish

    see this and other artworks currently available at Ebay – click the Art on Ebay tab above!

  • Obtuse

    This piece isn’t about anyone in particular, it’s just a general statement – I detest obtuse people.
    I mean life is too short to constantly explain things to someone that just doesn’t get it or continually says stupid stuff.
    That’s why i drew her kinda simple looking, with a dull manner about her.
    Even the letters of the word, “Obtuse” are frustrated and trying to get away from her.
    That’s why I love Ebay.
    My collectors get my weird sense of humor and I love my friends for that too!

    Size : 4.5-inches by 2.5-inches
    acrylic paint on wood sealed under several layers of clear varnish