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Remember the Little Things 5×8 on Wood

This is a 5×8 acrylic painting on wood. I’ve had to start over a number of times in life and it sucks but it really points out how important it is to remember the little things. The things we say and do are so much more important than material possessions.

That’s why this piece is done with shades of green (life) and lots of vines, flowers, and honey bees (they make it all happen don’t they?).

If you want to more information about this piece – it’s in the store  🙂

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The Meat Lady Vintage Sexy Time Butcher Acrylic Painting


This is the fabulous butcher lady of ………wherever you want!

This is a vintage photo that was very faded so I gussied her up with some paint and then I found some meat cutting instructions and put those around her. For that full on butcher experience.
If you’re really into meat or know someone that is – this is the art you need in your life.

About this Artwork

This piece is 8×10 inches. Vintage photo mounted on heavy mat board and painted with acrylics. Everything is sealed under varnish.

How to Make it Yours

This artwork is Sold – talk to me if you’d like something similar for yourself. Just use the form below.


Outside the U.S. shipping normally runs around $9 for most destinations but just email me at before you buy and I’ll give you a quote for how much shipping to your neck of the woods is.

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Helmuth was not a team player on the bowling team

Everyone wanted to get screaming, intimating , black cat head bowling balls….. except Helmuth. He got the Hello Kitty of cat head bowling balls. Definitely not scary or intimidating.

Materials used:
vintage photo mounted on canvas panel painted with acrylics, ink and gouche.

Size : 9 inches by 12 inches.


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Dog Formal Dinner with Boston Terrier Improved Photo

This was a very faded photo of a young man – he had a flattish face so he became a dog.

I love Boston Terriers, I’ve yet to be owned by one, but it will probably happen. I love dogs. This little man has brilliant manners and is having a formal dinner. He even knows which forks to use and when.
This is an acrylic painting done over a vintage photo.

Materials used:

vintage photo, acrylic, ink, love of dogs and formal dinners, varnish

Contact me if you’d like to give this painting a forever home.


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Just Admit it Bill, Acrylic 5×7

Bp7RE64I’ve been following Bill’s story with great interest. It’s amazing to see how what this man has been accused of can literally divide a room. He’s a brilliant guy, there’s no denying that.

But evil?

That remains to be seen. I will say that my personal opinion that belongs to me is no one wants to known as the woman drugged and raped by Bill. Women don’t usually gather in groups to claim they’ve been drugged and raped.

Size : 5×7-inches

Type: acrylic painting

Price: $50 with free shipping (US only)

Write me at 3@3amgallery or just use the handy dandy form below.