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  • New Artcar Being Born!

    Well, it’s beginning. Another artcar being born – the working title is #AllStarCoCarand you can follow us on social media by putting in that hashtag OR just follow us for regular updates. It is going to be a fun journey. We are collaborating with the fine folks at the AllStarCo for the gems and let me tell you – the gems are so much better quality than we used on Plan B. We had a huge issue with the gems on Plan B scratching as soon as they were out of the package and many got scratched within their own packaging so the shine was diminished from the get-go. I’m so stoked!

    Here is the yucky, dull, boring exterior of our 2003 Ford Taurus.

    Here’s how to lay the jewels ….


    Look at the sparkle in those jewels! These jewels are a triangle-cut and they reflect so much more light than the square cut jewels we used on our other car, Plan B.

    Here is a closeup of some of the progress made so far. It’s going pretty fast today.

    And here is the finished back end so far – a LOT left to do but I feel confident we can get this done in 3 weeks or less (weather permitting).