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  • She Wasn’t Selfish, She Just Found Actually Caring for Others Inconvenient

    I have a bad habit of seeing people much better than they actually are. I tend to think there’s got to be something golden in everyone. Well, I’ve had to come to the very sad conclusion, some people are just asshats and any gold I thought I saw was a cheap spray-painted piece of tin or something. That’s what this piece is about.
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  • He Called Her Names and Said it Was Her Fault He Did It

    I am sad to say I know who this happened to and I’m furious.
    No one should start their day crying their eyes out because of bullying behavior.
    No one is in charge of anyone else’s feelings or actions unless you’re physically possessing their body at the time.
    Any person that makes another responsible for their actions in a relationship, especially for hateful words spoken because the other person “caused” it – is a giant cop out spoken by a true coward and bully  and I have no respect for cowards or bullies.
    People need to evolve.

    Size : 6.25-inches by 4.25-inches
    Ink, watercolor on photo from 1900-1920