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  • Calling My Bank (Or How I Lost 4 Hours of My Life I Will Never Get Back) Original Outsider Art

    “Calling My Bank”

    This is a painting about the 4 hours of my life I spent on the phone with my bank trying to correct a stupid mistake they made.
    This piece is READY TO HANG!


    • Original painting.
    • Acrylic
    • Piece measures8x10 inch on a .5 inch thick woodblock
    • Colors may display differently on your screen

    I have not decided if I am making a print of this piece or not. I need to get a really good scan of it. But it was a piece I enjoyed painting and I’m not nearly as pissed off at my bank as I was. Whenever I deposit a paper check directly for some reason they do not add it to my account THEY DEDUCT IT. I went to mobile banking only and it hasn’t been a problem again.  I’m already my own grocery store cashier now I am my own bank employee, and I do a great job for myself.


  • Lady at My Bank Jo Potocki Acrylic Raw Collage Outsider Art Orginal Art Public | eBay

    So there was a bit of a snafu with me and my bank.

    I had sold several art pieces to someone that buys pretty regularly, and oops, his payment got returned.

    No problem, I contacted him and he said he needed 2 days and he’d make it right via Paypal. Okay, I’m cool with that.

    So, I had paid two bills based on this deposit and while neither alone would have overdrawn my account, my bank in their infinite wisdom ran both payments and charged me two returned check charges of $37.50 each.

    I called the bank and they basically said, “Up yours, screw you, we already trick you into being your own bank teller now you’ll pay double for NSFs too bwa ha ha ha”…
    Well actually she just said,
    “No, I am sorry policy says we can’t waive the fees.”

    I say I’ll be down to make a deposit in about 2 hours to make everything right and again she reads another canned answer to me.

    Now, I’m annoyed. Does my bank really need those NSF fees that badly? Am I taking cake outta this chick’s mouth by asking her to waive them?

    The way she’s acting you’d think I was.

    We go back and forth and I talk to 3 more “managers” and finally get this utterly cool guy who says, “Hey make a deposit before 4pm today and I’ll go ahead and waive these fees.”

    My faith in cool people is restored.
    🙂 bank customer service

    Lady at My Bank Jo Potocki Acrylic Raw Collage Outsider Art Orginal Art Public | eBay.