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  • Bee Family Portrait on Vintage Photo


    You know what is cooler than owning a bee hive? A bee family portrait!
    Actually I would keep bees if it were legal in my city – but it’s not so I paint them and plant all the bee friendly flowers in my garden that I can. I like the little larvae in the middle. That’s what a baby bee looks like ya know and then she grows up (they are all females) and becomes a worker. Unless they are planning to retire their queen, then they secretly feed the larvae royal jelly and ummm when she hatches…surprise Queen, you’re fired.

    Anyway this would be a groovy gift for your favorite bee lover or yourself because you need cool things too. There, I totally just justified it for you – now buy this piece and give it a good home!

  • Cat Sisters It Will Be Better Watercolor and Gouache

    One cat sister is telling the other that it will be better. Time heals everything you know.
    8×10 acrylic, watercolor, gouache, ink on heavy mat board.
    1 inch black border around piece for easy framing.

    Materials used:

    gouache, watercolor, acrylic, and ink on heavy mat board

    Contact me if you’d like to own the Cat Sisters 

  • Mom and Dad’s Little Monster 3×3 acrylic on wood outsider art

    Pic-12232014-006I wanted to do a painting about a Mom and Dad and they have a total little monster. But it is THEIR monster and they are very comfortable dealing with it.
    My favorite part of this painting is how she’s just holding the leash like always. And the little monster is going ROWR.

    This is 3×3-inches wood and painted with acrylics and sealed under varnish.
    This piece is sold!

  • Answer the Phone

    If you know me, you know I detest talking on the phone. I love letters, emails, even text messages and nothing beats face to face for a great chat. But I hate the phone.

    Now, out of all the people in the world I could have partnered with in life, my partner Skinney hates the phone too.  Neither of our kids enjoy talking on the phone.

    So, when the phone rings at our house, this is usually the conversation that ensues…

    #answerthephone, #art

    answer the phone