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  • There is a Warm Radiator for Every Cat in the Afterlife 5×7 Acrylic

    cats on radiatorsThe 3 cats in the painting are Phoenix (orange – got hit by a car I’ll never know why he was in the street in the first place he was an indoor cat)…the black and white is Oliver Gripweed – he died of kidney failure – that cat was my heart, and last was the Siamese – Timmy Cat Smell – she had cerebellar hyposplasia and wound up living 9 years when the vets early on predicted she wouldn’t last a year. She was an awesome furry friend.

    5 x 7-inches Acrylic, watercolor, and ink
    Sold to a private collector.

    If you’d like to buy a print directly from me, they are available at our 3amGallery Store.