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  • Looking for the Donkey Girl of Tijuana original painting outsider art

    Pic-11292014-002I had a friend tell me about this insane weekend he spent in TJ (Tijuana, Mexico) looking for the donkey girl.He and his buddy weren’t sure if they really wanted to see the show, they just wanted to take a photo with a TJ Donkey Lady.  Anyway they kept paying people money that promised them this place or that place was where she was, never panned out. So I painted one so now there is a photo of the Donkey Girl of Tijuana. 🙂

    This piece is available for sale at ArtFinder and Ebay for $39

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  • Uncle Horatio

    By all accounts Uncle Horatio was an odd man. He never married mainly because of his passion for raising birds.
    Every spring he would walk around in the forest after thunderstorms to see if any nestlings had fallen from their nests above in the trees.
    If he couldn’t return the baby birds or find the nest, he would put the young birds safely in his bird and raise them.
    He did this every year.
    #outsiderart, #3amgallery, #birdfriend

    This piece is on Ebay if you want to make it  yours.

  • Robot on Anatomy and Physiology Page

    Robot on Anatomy and Physiology Page

    I have this book that is from the turn of last century and it has horrible advice about sexuality in it.
    Like women are hysterical due to their uterus.
    and there is a diagram of the male anatomy that fell out of the book and i dunno – it just screamed “Robot” to me.

    So here you have it, a robot with a diagram of the male anatomy.



  • Tiny Frog Balancing on a Flower 🙂

    I was sketching a bright flower and then I thought it should be bending down with a tiny frog on it -just balancing.
    and here you go – it happened!
    I like his little smile, like “I’ve got this!” and he’s not going to fall off.

    Size : 6-inches by 9-inches
    Ink, watercolor on 140lb cold pressed paper.