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  • Phoenix – Our Ginger Cat 🙂

    I want to tell you about Phoenix.
    Phoenix was a ginger cat.
    He was a super aggressive, biting, scratching, bastard of a cat and he could be equally as loving and sweet when he wanted to be.
    He was filled with the personality of 10 cats and it was a pleasure to know him all in all, scratches and missing chunks of flesh aside…
    One day we went to the store and when we came home – we found him laying in the street.
    Some assclown had hit him and kept right on going apparently.
    I still to this day can’t figure out what even lured him in that direction, he never went to the street.
    I still miss him and his big time meows in the morning when our need for sleep was interrupting his breakfast plans. 😀
    ginger cat