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  • I Didn’t Think 500 Lumens was THAT Bright!

    If you keep up with me, I’m always going on about how much I hate going down to the basement where my art studio is because it’s dark. I took a spill down the basement stairs (there are 14 of them – metal stairs that end on a concrete floor – but who is counting?) so, I always make sure I have a flashlight.

    Then the flashlights turned into a hassle because: batteries. OMG they don’t last and I went the rechargeable route but that started getting expensive too. They’d hold a charge a few times then no. We wind up using a flashlight a lot in this house because it’s 100+ years old and there are zero overhead lights in any room and only a few standing lamps in the rooms we’re in the most. The rest work great for light in the day just having the windows open, but after dark you do indeed need a light source, like a flashlight. I was given the opportunity to try out this Night Provsion GMetal-5 flashlight at a discount and I said, “Count me in!”

    The flashlight arrived quickly and was very well packed.
    What struck me first was the compact size of this flashlight. It is barely large than my hand! FOTE855
    That square white place on the flashlight there is a lantern. If you don’t want to use it as a flashlight, it will be a great lantern for you and the lanyard holder makes it convenient to hold no matter which mode you have it in. I just plugged the USB cable that comes with it into my computer and the flashlight charged up pretty quickly.

    I’ve been using it about a week now, on the first charge still. Let me tell you, I read this light was 500 Lumens, it makes my other flashlights look like they are so dim. This light is super bright.

    If you need a handy flashlight, I highly recommend this one as a great asset to have around when the lights go out! (or if you live in a house that was built by people who apparently hated lighting).