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  • The Bee Hero

    Besides the fact they are essential to life on earth, I’m a huge fan of bees anyway. I love watching them and am eternally fascinated with their inner bee societies. I wanted to make a bee hero, someone that would help the bees. I imagined a secret line of people that stood guard over some bee hive that existed since time immortal.
    The bees definitely need a hero.



  • On June 17th, I Saved a Bee From Drowning

    We’ve been working in our backyard setting up this pool. It’s got the joke of a name  “Easy Set” pool and let me tell you it’s been anything BUT easy.
    Anyway, we were pretty sure we had the ground level and filling up the pool to see if the water was going to all run to one side and bust the sides out and then Skinney noticed a bee in the water.
    So we got a leaf and it was pretty tired but finally we got it onto the leaf and I put it in the sun on the fence to dry off.
    It didn’t move and then it started cleaning itself and doing this weird butt bumping thing but seemed okay.
    I really gotta start keeping my camera with me.
    But here’s a drawing to commemorate the event.

    Size : 2.5-inches by 3.5-inches
    mixed media Artist Trading Card 🙂