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Regina the Hypochondriac

Never, ever ask Regina how she is doing unless you have a spare hour or two.

Regina Hypochondriac Never Ask How She is Doing Print 8×10 – The art of Jo Potocki (

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Never Ask Regina How She’s Doing Art Print

Regina lives in constant agony. If you ever come to meet her, do NOT ask her how she is doing. Then you’ll be subjected to an incredibly boring list of problems. She seems fine, so who knows how many of these problems are real. If you want to purchase this hypochondriac fine art print, you can. Available in sizes 8×10 and 12×16.

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Obsessive Hypochondriac Edna

For every monitor Edna bought, she always seemed to gain a new symptom. Even if it wasn’t there, she had it! No matter what the illness was, no matter how healthy she was, she was sick. Her family said she was bananas, but she of course never believed them. Edna was the only one who could ever know if she was ill, no one else could be right about that. This hypochondriac art print is available in sizes  8×10 and 12×16