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  • Two Ovaries Walk Into a Bar… It’s an Outsider Art Print

    So two ovaries walk into a bar….I haven’t quite made the rest of the joke yet. But I’m sure you already know the punchline!  They’re just two ovaries having a good time in a bar. Nothing else to be said, yet. You can get an art print of them too, hang it up on your wall.


    YOU THINK YOU’RE RIGHT? WELL SHE’S GOT CAPS LOCK ON! ANY POINT YOU HAVE MADE OR WILL MAKE IS NULL TO HER CAPS LOCK! That’s what they act like, don’t they? You can get an art print of this always right woman. Maybe it’ll prove her wrong somehow? Only one way to find out!

  • She Was The Best Makeup Artist

    Everyone has their own makeup routine. Ramona’s makeup routine was just…more unique than others. She put all of her makeup in a bowl and then pouring it over her face. It worked, but barely. It was definitely effective for applying it, not so effective for making her look better. If you want to buy this messy art print, you can in sizes 8×10 inches and 12×16 inches.

  • Crazier Than a Bag of Wet Cats

    Many scientists tried, but none could disprove that she was crazier than a bag of wet cats. Every boyfriend she ever had, every member of her family, all of her friends, no one disagreed with this conclusion. She was indisputably crazier than a bag of wet cats. You can purchase an art print of this nutty lady in sizes 8×10 or 12×16.

  • Seed Eating Baby

    Once upon a time, this baby discovered a pack of wildflower seeds in his mother’s satchel and decided he wanted to eat them. His mother came back to find her satchel open and her wildflower seeds gone. She searched high and low, wondering where her wildflower seeds might have gone. Until one day her baby farted out flowers, and then she knew. You can get an art print of this seed eating baby to have a memory of this strange event forever.

  • Octopus Looking Fabulous

    This baby octopus has just gotten a new pink dress and they’re looking fabulous. Not everyone can rock a pink dress like that octopus can. You think you can? Well good luck, but can you beat that octopus’s multi-colored flesh? I didn’t think so. Since this octopus is looking fabulous, why not get an art print of this octopus?

  • The Clown Lover

    He loved his clown collection so much. Most of his dates found it disturbing, but he knew that one day he’d meet someone who appreciated and loved clowns just as much as he did. He was willing to wait as long as he needed to just to make sure the right one loved clowns. While he’s waiting, you can buy an art print of this clown lover.

  • Baby Lizzie’s Birthday Chopper Outsider Art Print

    Lizzie Borden took an axe….

    It’s quite a special occasion when the little one finally is old enough to receive her first axe. A birthday is already a special occasion, but the only thing that could make it even more special is an axe. A head-chopper, a log cutter, whatever you want to call it, it’s still an axe in the end. This art print of Baby Lizzie receiving her first axe can be bought in sizes 8×10 and 12×16.

  • His Wife Gave Him Horns

    In Victorian ages, it was said that a man needed not to worry about the faithfulness of his wife unless he one day awoke with horns. I wonder how this man felt on the day he woke with horns? Anger? Confusion? Who knows! What is known, is that you can get an art print of this horned man available in sizes 8×10 and 12×16.