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The Bee Hero

Besides the fact they are essential to life on earth, I’m a huge fan of bees anyway. I love watching them and am eternally fascinated with their inner bee societies. I wanted to make a bee hero, someone that would help the bees. I imagined a secret line of people that stood guard over some bee hive that existed since time immortal.
The bees definitely need a hero.



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She Wasn’t Selfish, She Just Found Actually Caring for Others Inconvenient

I have a bad habit of seeing people much better than they actually are. I tend to think there’s got to be something golden in everyone. Well, I’ve had to come to the very sad conclusion, some people are just asshats and any gold I thought I saw was a cheap spray-painted piece of tin or something. That’s what this piece is about.
See it on Ebay here.


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Pumpkin Girl Portrait Improved Photo

I finally got Pumpkin Girl to sit still long enough for a portrait. She’s very difficult to pin down for long. Busy life of a dancing magical pumpkingirl you know….

This fun portrait is for sale on Ebay, if you’d like to add her to your collection – place your bid! Pumpkin Girl paintings don’t usually last too long.
(They don’t go bad, they get bought).

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Proudly Irma Wore the Broccoli Growing from her Head

A huge part of life is acceptance of one’s own self. If you don’t like what is staring you back in the mirror, change it until you do. Once you love what you see, own it.
Irma did – when broccoli grew out of her head, everyone said, “Oh you must wear a hat!”

Irma wouldn’t have any of that, she totally owned the broccoli growing from her head. 😀

this piece is currently for sale at Ebay – you can bid here and make her yours!



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I Come From a Long Line of Clowns

This came from a very funny discussion from a friend of mine. She recently got her DNA tested to see if there was anything interesting in her lineage. She’s adopted and knows nothing about her biological background, so she went on a curiosity adventure and said she didn’t discover anything outstanding.

I asked her what she was hoping for.

She replied that she wanted something to research or an ethnic biological heritage to call her own.

I have no idea why this popped into my head but I said, “Aren’t you glad you didn’t find out you had Clown DNA?”


This piece is currently for sale at Ebay – make it yours!