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Her Flowers Always Knew

Only her sunflowers knew how to ease her frustration. No matter what her woes were, no matter how stupid her husband was, her flowers would always be there to tend to her. Sunflower Stress Therapy is a proven medical treatment by the 3amGallery Medical Center LLC. This sunflower stress therapy art print is a suitable substitute.

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The Art of Having a Lobster For Dinner

Why have lobster for dinner when you can have a lobster for dinner. How could you possibly boil him into a delicious buttery feast when he looks so good in his tux? This tuxedo lobster art print will really make you wish you had a lobster for dinner, whether it’s the course or the guest.

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She’s Just Axeing a Question

She’s just asking a question, why aren’t you running? She’s giving you a heads up and you’re not even taking it. She’s polite enough to stand perfectly still in this axe girl art print to wait for you to start running. Better pick up the pace, better hope you’re not out of shape.

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The Fashion Police fine art print

Do fashion crimes upset you? You are in luck, in this print, the fashion police are on the job ridding the world of stripes worn with plaids and last season Pradas worn in public (not to mention white shoes after Labor Day).  Available in both 8×10 and 12×16 sizes and makes the perfect fun addition or conversation piece in your room. (Makes a smile-inducing gift too)

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The Meat Lady Butcher Babe is on a COFFEE MUG

I test drove a few of these coffee mugs and they look great and hold up very well. I am kinda notorious for dropping my coffee mugs and so far a couple of times it’s happened – THEY DID NOT BREAK! So happy!

This fun mug is available in 11oz and 15oz for people who really love beverages. The ceramic outsider art butcher babe mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe and they have an attractive white and glossy appearance.  Know someone into paleo or keto – boom stocking stuffer handled.

Any questions? Just ask!