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  • Burny The Clown Only Did His Act Once – True Story

    In late August, I actually dreamed this. Not of an actual person dressed up like a clown burning, but rather someone was telling me the story of Burny the Clown and how he had this amazing act where he used fired but he only did his act once because he didn’t plan it out very well. It was such a weird dream even for me that I drew a sketch before my morning coffee made the dream fade and then I have been working on this for the past week or so.
    The story of this artwork will be sent and original sketch too if you want it.

    See him now and original sketch is also in the listing : Jo Potocki Funky Folk Art Original Canvas Painting Burny The Clown Did Act Once | eBay

    Burny the Clown only did his act once - true story