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  • Stop Making Stupid People Famous 8×10 Acrylic Painting

    Stop Making Stupid People Famous 8×10 Acrylic Painting

    That’s Kim Davis up on the cross. That rotten baker from Indiana and of course, the other Kim took a selfie. So stop whatever you’re doing and stare.

    stupidpeople1Are you sick of people who have done nothing more than a sex tape or maybe just happened to have kickass PR folks getting fame? I know I am. There’s a cool app you can use called Facebook Purity and you can tag it to remove words like “Trump” or “Kardashian” from your feed.

    About this piece

    This artwork reflects my being very over a lot of people.
    This is an antique lithograph mounted on a heavy mat board and painted directly on the piece.
    The size is 8×10.
    This artwork is sealed under varnish.
    The price is $50 + $3.00 shipping within the United States.

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    International Shipping

    Most places outside the United states are around $9 shipping.
    Just hit me up @3amart on Twitter or write me at 3@3amgallery.com and I can give you an estimate.