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Siamese Cat and Ladybug original acrylic painting on vintage postcard from 1900s

I had a cat that was so chill he would let bugs crawl on his face. Just kinda look at them, “Oh hello bug, I see you’re crawling on my face….. have a nice day, Okay?” Nothing that moves is safe around my other cats, but this one just didn’t care.

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Spinsters at the Nebrahoma Ladybug Ball

Pic-12022014-001In 1890s Nebrahoma, any unmarried woman over 16 was considered a spinster and it was socially unlikely she’d ever marry after that point. But for one last shot, there was the Ladybug Ball and Social Dance where eligible ladies wore their best antennae and tried to connect with fine husband material.

This outsider art is painted directly on a vintage photo with acrylics and is sealed under varnish.

Available at Ebay!

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Ladybugs get luck from fairy kisses – EVERYONE knows that!

Everyone knows that ladybugs bring luck.
But very few people know HOW the ladybugs get so darned lucky.
It’s from fairy kisses.
Whenever a ladybug isn’t feeling so lucky – the fairy smooches the ladybug on its little buggy cheek and restores its luck.

Size : 2.5-inches by 3.5-inches
(Shown larger so you can see the detail)


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Ladybug and Leaf

I’ve been totally kvetching about “WHERE ARE THE LADYBUGS?”
I mean seriously, they aren’t around anymore that I see.

And today I was out in the garden and we have these 3 cherry trees that have the amazing cherries with worms in them every year.
And I noticed a leaf was curled up, and so I uncurled the leaf slowly and this lady bug jumps out like , “Hey!!! I’m eatin’ these aphids here! Go away!”
So I gently and slowly curled that leaf back up 🙂
Glad to see a ladybug though.

And I love Artist Trading Cards or ACEO’s (Art Cards, Editions and Originals)

Size : 2.5-inches by 3.5-inches
mixed media Artist Trading Card 🙂


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Ladybug on a Flower :)

The same day I was sketching the other flower with a tiny frog, I decided I liked ladybugs and in fact, I miss them.
This is the first year I have not seen ooooooodles of them in my garden and I’ve very curious as to why, I haven’t changed anything – in fact we grow more than ever.
But this lady bug is a trooper, I recall reading once they dont’ see all that well so she may not see where her journey ends but she’s going there just the same.

Size : 6-inches by 9-inches
Ink, watercolor on 140lb cold pressed paper.