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  • Holding onto a relationship much longer than I should…

    I have this favorite pair of jeans. I’ve had 3  kids, I like pie, I work out sporadically, and try to watch my carbs, sugars, and portions. Then I found these jeans like 10 years ago, they fit me fantastically. I don’t wear jeans too often but these are my go-to pair when I do.

    So, I was working the basement and caught my leg on a piece of metal and ri-i-i-i-i-p! Tore a well-done one-inch rip in the leg – can’t sew it up. Then and there, I decided to make some denim cat patches from an old pair of jeans my youngest spawn outgrew and they were a too worn to donate. Jo Potocki (@jopotocki) - Instagram photos and videos.clipular (1)FOT2653

    I have about 10 patches cut out, I have painted 2 so far with another 4 in the works. After painting, I treated the edges with a fray-stopping product and I’m going to hem them up so they won’t unravel (you know how denim can be).