Tag: lowbrow art

  • Obsessive Hypochondriac Edna

    For every monitor Edna bought, she always seemed to gain a new symptom. Even if it wasn’t there, she had it! No matter what the illness was, no matter how healthy she was, she was sick. Her family said she was bananas, but she of course never believed them. Edna was the only one who could ever know if she was ill, no one else could be right about that. This hypochondriac art print is available in sizes  8×10 and 12×16

  • The Time When Duck Hats Were All the Rage Fine Art Print

    There was a time, particularly in Nebrahoma when duck hats were the rage, In fact, people would be embarrassed to be seen in public with you or invite you to their parties if you didn’t have a duck hat. This original improved photo painted in a vintage photograph is now a Duck Hat Fashion Fine Art Print available as an 8×10 print on museum-quality matte paper.

  • No Monsters Here

    No Monsters Here

    This is an original painting on a vintage postcard. I used watercolors because I love how they kinda soak in and really saturate the postcards. 

    This piece is in the eBay store, if you get there and don’t see it – then it’s been sold. 🙂 Talk to me about a commission for a similar piece.