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  • Blue House in the Hills with Cats in Windows original painting

    I was chatting with some folks and we were talking about our first crushes. I remember mine vividly. I was 5 years old and NO ONE could tell that I was not marrying Vincent Price. I wanted a spooky husband damnit. And Vincent and I were going to live happily in the hills in our blue house with a cat in every window.

    This is a painting I’ve wanted to do for years but just never did – glad it is finally out of my brain and onto paper. Now this original can be on your walls!
    Contact me if you’d like to purchase – giclee prints are available for $25 each.


  • I remember my childhood in shades of red and brown

    I have no fond memories of childhood. One way or another my mother managed to destroy them all with actions, words, and usually both.  Childhood is long over and I let any animosity I have for my mother go an equally long time ago.  It is what it is and it just made me resolve to be supportive of my own kids.
    I definitely fine-tuned the art of finding a silver lining in any situation. I was thinking the other day, when I remember any event from being a young child, it’s always in shades of red and brown in my mind’s eye. I wonder why I don’t just remember things in regular colors as they were. Clearly i was not living in a red and brown world. Weird. That’s what this improved photo was about.