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  • Mr. Sparkle

    Be careful what you say in front of Mr. Sparkle, he will tell your secrets.

    Mr. Sparkle Tells Me Your Secrets Outsider Art Print 8×10 – The art of Jo Potocki (3amgallery.com)

  • Mr. Sparkle Did Not Like Willard’s Wife and She Disappeared

    Willard was a kind man and loving husband. In fact, there was nothing to dislike about Willard.
    One day a package arrived at his doorstep, inside was a cage with a lovely blue parakeet. There was a card that told nothing about who left this gift, but the card read, “His name is Mr. Sparkle, do not listen to him.”
    What an odd thing to write!

    At first Mr. Sparkle chirped and sang like any parakeet, then he started telling Willard “things.”
    Things about people, what people were really saying about him, how he didn’t really have any friends except Mr. Sparkle.
    Willard’s wife had seen a large change in her husband, and told him he was spending far too much time in the study alone with Mr. Sparkle.
    Mr. Sparkle said she had to go away.
    He was the only true friend Willard had and his wife planned to give Mr. Sparkle away.
    When he was questioned about his wife’s disappearance, Willard would only say again and again that Mr. Sparkle did not like her.
    No one knows where Mr. Sparkle is now.

    I can guarantee this piece will go quickly -it’s up for grabs at Ebay.