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Kickin’ Nannies All Star Goat Show

Along with sheep, I love goats. I also love burlesque. So they had to come together at some point and they did in a large-sized piece titled, ” Kickin’ Nannies All Star Goat Show“. I like the little goaty-guy that is holding up the signs.

This original artwork  is sold and lives in a happy home, but I wanted to share it.
There are also limited edition prints of the Kickin’ Nannies available for $25.

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All Star Kicking Nannies Goat Show Original Gouache Painting

The Kicking Nannies are putting on a special all star performance just for you! This fun piece is done in gouache and ink on 140lb paper and there is a 1-inch border around the piece for easy framing.

I love goats – if it were legal to have one here in exotic Toledo, Ohio – I WOULD. But, for now I have to be content to paint them and give them awesome secret lives.
Materials used:
gouache, love of goats, ink on 140-lb paper

This is currently on display at the Saatchi Gallery – contact me if you’d like to purchase or want prints of this artwork. 😀