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  • Couldn’t Be Happy Even if She Were Riding a Unicorn with Bluebirds of Happiness Flying out of its Butt

    Finished this 8 x10 watercolor painting.
    First let me cover what this painting is NOT about based on some of the emails I’ve been getting.
    It is not about depression or anyone that is depressed. I thought of this painting, I did this painting and no one more than me knows the intention of this painting.
    It is about people who choose to not embrace the things they have and only lament the things they don’t have.
    I don’t make fun of people struggling with anything. I have a very dark sense of humor but not a cruel one. Depression isn’t funny.
    This painting is  about the people who choose to be the negative, unappreciative asshats of the world, not anyone that struggles with depression. I have nothing but admiration and compassion for anyone fighting that demon.
    We cool now? Good. I like it when we’re cool. If you want to buy this piece, I am sorry it is sold but you can get something similar as a commission for $50.

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  • La La La – I’m Not Listening Acrylic Painting on Vintage Photo Outsider Art

    I cannot stand being yelled at and I hate it when people try to hit me with a lot of negativity. It stops me from creating when I’m around a lot of negative output – so I don’t listen.

    This is a 5.25-inches by 7-inches and the technique used is acrylic paint on vintage photo. This piece is ready to frame and repel negativity in your domain!
    This piece is sold and lives in a private collection.$_3