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The Meat Lady Butcher Babe is on a COFFEE MUG

I test drove a few of these coffee mugs and they look great and hold up very well. I am kinda notorious for dropping my coffee mugs and so far a couple of times it’s happened – THEY DID NOT BREAK! So happy!

This fun mug is available in 11oz and 15oz for people who really love beverages. The ceramic outsider art butcher babe mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe and they have an attractive white and glossy appearance.  Know someone into paleo or keto – boom stocking stuffer handled.

Any questions? Just ask!


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Have a Boston Terrier for Dinner (They prefer formal settings)

Do you love Boston Terriers? I love all dogs but these clowns of the dog world I find enchanting. The original painting resides in a private collection, however, I have 8×10 and 12×16 inches sizes prints available of this fun Boston Terrier Dog Art Print. Would make an outstanding gift for your favorite dog lover or treat yourself!


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He Has The Greatest Friends

When you’ve got no friends and it’s your birthday, why not spend it with the unicorn fish? This man did, and he had the jolliest birthday, jollier than any other. That’s what this birthday art print is all about. This was made on thick and durable museum-quality paper posters and comes in sizes of 8×10 and 12×16 inches.

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What Effort, Janet?

Janet’s immense effort to beat starvation is oh-so inspiring and powerful.

Once she heard about those poor starving people in the valley, she left them a prayer and went back to enjoy her lovely meal in her private train car with her equally concerned friends. Thank you, Janet. This print about praying  is a great statement, makes a great conversation piece, and is made on museum-quality paper.