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  • Our Black Cat Noodles Breathes Through Her Mouth acrylic on wood 3×3

    Pic-12262014-002Our cat Noodle is our youngest and she breathes through her mouth.  She makes this groaning, awful noise and there’s nothing wrong, not even allergies. It’s just how she does it because she can’t really close her mouth fully.

    I was watching “Night of the Living Dead” and she scared the jimnies outta me when she came up behind me and went, “Grrooooooaaaannnnnn wheeeeze….” in my ear.
    She also drools, and walks through paintings that are drying – frequently.

    This 3×3 acrylic painting on wood piece is sold.

    If you’d like to order a similar piece for yourself or for a gift, just fill out the form below!

    Price for a painting similar to this one in size and subject is $25

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