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  • Tina is No Good at Starting Conversations –

    I actually painted this about 2 years ago when the actual incident that lead to this painting occurred.
    There was a stepmother who absolutely ignored her stepdaughter.
    In over 6 years, not one single email, text message, letter or phone call to her step daughter that she claimed she wanted to be part of their family.
    She instructed her own children to have little to do with the step-daughter and being dutiful kids, they did.
    The stepmother would ask others about her stepdaughter even when the girl was in the room.
    If the stepdaughter spoke to her stepmother, she would be met with a grunt or silence.
    Every photo of the step-daughter was removed from the walls of the house save one left the father’s study.
    And when the daughter confronted her father and asked him to intervene and please talk to his wife and help everyone find some common ground, her father simply told her that her stepmother wasn’t good at starting conversations.

    I feel bad for them both, they missed out on knowing a great kid 🙂

    Size : 11-inches by 14-inches
    Ink, watercolor on 140lb hot pressed paper.

    Tina is not the actual name of the person I am referring to in this story.