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  • Pssst…. Our Book Will Be Free March 4th and 5th 🙂

    We’ve had a good January and February with the hard copies of the book.
    Thank you for that.

    And to celebrate we are letting anyone that wants a copy of our book, “Tales from Nebrahoma” for free on Amazon.com.

    Just go here to get your copy :
    Tales From Nebrahoma - Kindle edition by Jo Potocki. Arts & Photography Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com..clipular

  • “Tales from Nebrahoma” is available in PRINT woohoo!

    It was taking a while to save up for either a YourKarma.com or FreedomPop.com 3G/4G internet, FreedomPop has a sale and I got it on the cheap!

    The thing holding up creating a print copy of the Tales from Nebrahoma book was that my DSL kept timing out about halfway through the upload process of the print-ready copy.

    SO with FreedomPop plugged in, it went zoooooooooooooooooooooooom and was done quick as a wink.

    You can get it here  Remember – if one copy is good – SIX COPIES IS BETTER!

    Tales from Nebrahoma.clipular

  • My Books if Published and My Book is FREE Til Sunday

    8706_568981629920645_1061865234467490217_nFinally! I got the digital version of “Tales from Nebrahoma” up on Amazon, you can read it on any device and through Sunday night, you can read it FREE! Otherwise, it is $3 which I promise to do boring things with like keep my lights on and the heat happening, also food for the human and furry family that live here.

    Go get your free copy and share with your friends.


    Also, a print version is forthcoming probably no later than the first week of February. 🙂

  • Another story for the Nebrahoma book Duck Hunting Attire!

    Another story going into the Tales from Nebrahoma book. ‪#‎fashion‬ ‪#‎vintagefashion‬ ‪#‎hunting‬ ‪#‎womensfashion‬ #hunter #huntingseason
    When hunting season rolled around in Nebrahoma, it was socially unacceptable for a woman to wear anything but a white duck hat.