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  • Timmy – One Fantastic Feline Friend I Was Lucky to Meet

    Here’s the story:
    Back in 2003, I adopted a runty little kitten who was given birth by a feral cat that was still a kitten herself. Timmy’s father was a gorgeous Himalayan who got out of his owner’s home and apparently wasn’t fixed either.

    The runty little kitten I adopted had Cerebelluar Hypoplasia, what was explained to me is the mother had been vaccinated at one time and distemper didn’t affect her but it attacked the kittens in utero and totally wrecked them neurologically. Only 3 of the 5 kittens born lived through being born.
    I was advised to euthanize her but I just felt like she should have a chance.

    This kitten reminded me of Timmy from “South Park” because her head was huge and flopped over to one side, sometimes over her shoulders and slightly backwards. Her back legs didn’t work so well either.
    We decided to give her the most quality of life possible because otherwise she was a happy little kitten who still liked to play as best she could.

    Every day, my partner Skinney spent hours playing with her and slowly but surely she got stronger and stronger and then she filled to the brim with personality and she copped a total attitude and demanded attention, demanded play and would yell at  our daughter if she stayed up after 10pm. She very much ran the house as far as she was concerned and grew to be a very large 20lb cat.

    Timmy started failing in 2011 and she had dementia. I had no idea cats could get dementia but a vet told me,  “If you have a brain, it’s a possibility to experience dementia”.  It started off with her yelling all the time at night suddenly and the last year of Timmy’s life she spent mostly in one room upstairs and she was happy to eat, play and use the litter box, just not outside of that room.

    The day she died, she came downstairs and laid down by the back door. Timmy never went outside.
    She passed on surrounded by the family and loved.
    I’m still sad we didn’t get more time with her, but I’m glad for the time we had.
    A friend of mine said cats that pass on go over the Rainbow Bridge.
    It’s a nice thought. 🙂

    Size : 2.5-inches by 3.5-inches