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My Friend Used to Get in Trouble With her Mother Because She Looked Like Her Estranged Father

$_12 (29)With a friend’s permission, I’ll relate the story behind this artwork. I have a friend and her parents had a majorly unfriendly divorce. So unfriendly that her father finally took a job that took him allllll the way from NY to Alaska so he wouldn’t be coming around so much because the mother was so acrimonious about things.

My friend  only saw her father during the summer and when he could afford to fly her in for the holidays. And when she was home, her mom would get a little too deep into a bottle of wine and start getting angry at my friend for looking like her father. After a few years of swimming in this, Mom gave up drinking and found hobbies that made her happy. Wound up meeting a great guy too.

My friend said now that she’s an adult, been through a divorce herself (kept it friendly for the kids), she can let any animosity she had for either of her parents over the situation go. She said her mom and dad actually manage to have civil interactions all these years later and are Facebook friends. 😀

This artwork is acrylic painted on a vintage photo from around 1910-ish and sealed under varnish.
The size is 3.5 x 5.5-inches.
Price is $25 with free  shipping within the USA. SOLD
If you live outside the U.S., just write me and I’ll be happy to give you a quote for shipping. It is generally  under $9 to most places.

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I Bring the Party

I bring the party. I think everyone should. It’s much better to be around people that want to celebrate the lives they have rather than moaning about the lives they don’t have.
This is a vintage photo mounted on vintage book papers from a 1950’s sex guide (a really short book! seriously it’s like 50 pages) and mounted it on a 3×5 canvas.

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Pumpkin Girl Portrait Improved Photo

I finally got Pumpkin Girl to sit still long enough for a portrait. She’s very difficult to pin down for long. Busy life of a dancing magical pumpkingirl you know….

This fun portrait is for sale on Ebay, if you’d like to add her to your collection – place your bid! Pumpkin Girl paintings don’t usually last too long.
(They don’t go bad, they get bought).

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Proudly Irma Wore the Broccoli Growing from her Head

A huge part of life is acceptance of one’s own self. If you don’t like what is staring you back in the mirror, change it until you do. Once you love what you see, own it.
Irma did – when broccoli grew out of her head, everyone said, “Oh you must wear a hat!”

Irma wouldn’t have any of that, she totally owned the broccoli growing from her head. 😀

this piece is currently for sale at Ebay – you can bid here and make her yours!