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The BBW Dancer of Dresden – original art on vintage postcard

She started out as a purple rose and then one of my cats decided she needed pets from the hand I was holding the paintbrush in and well now this is painting of a BBW dancer on this Dresen postcard.

This is a mixed media piece using acrylic, watercolor, ink.
The postcard is dated between 1902 and 1914.
Size : 3.5 x 5.5 inches.

Price $21 shipping in the USA is free

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Still Not Asking for It (Trigger Warning: rape)

I believe in ripping off the band-aid, so let’s get to the point. Someone very close to me was brutally raped. That was very, very bad but we’re getting past it and it’s becoming a bad thing that happened in the past, not a defining attribute of one’s own self. What I was not prepared for, in confiding to some friends what had happened, was the reaction I got from a few people. Someone I’ve known for years actually wanted to know if the person had been drinking (no)  or how they were dressed (t-shirt and jeans). Seriously? It made me angry that  people are still so uncomfortable with the notion that a man just took what he wanted in a violent, brutal way that surely the woman must have done something that gave him the green light to behave that way.
I really don’t think it matters if a woman is drunk and nekkid as the day she was born, if she isn’t into sex with you, then don’t push it, and don’t rape.
I’ve done a few pieces, this is the third in what is turning into a series.

About the Artwork

This is acrylic painted directly on a vintage photo and sealed under varnish.
Each woman is wearing a pageant sash that spells out “Not Asking For It.”
The size is 5.5 x 6.5 inches. The photo is from around 1910 – 1920s.
Price : $35 + $3 shipping

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