• Some Cats Have a Blue Eye and a Green Eye

    Some cats have a blue eye and a green eye. I’ve been a huge supporter of the Humane Society over the years. The one here in Toledo is one of the oldest no-kill shelters. I haven’t been a foster since I moved here, but definitely I want to get involved with that again. So many dogs and cats and so many need homes – it’s nice to be able to spring them from a cage until they get adopted. 🙂

    This painting was from a phrase a vet told me regarding a cat I brought in for a look over. The cat had a green eye and a blue eye. The vet told me the cat was probably deaf on the side with the blue eye and proceeded to test for it – sure enough the kitty was deaf on that side, not that it slowed her down one bit.

    This is an ACEO acrylic painting – contact me if you’d like to own it.