• Brain Injury – What it Looks Like

    My partner has a brain injury – now you’d never know it to look at him, he’s sharp as ever but sometimes just  sometimes his brain injury takes over and says the RUDEST things in order to get along with someone with a brain   injury you have to understand – it’s not them talking to you, it’s the brain injury.
    Another cool aspect of brain injuries is they make the person that has completely uninterested in learning about their own condition – so it’s up to you.

    I used to get really upset but then I started reading books about brain injuries, and realized what the issue was.

    So I can’t keep doing the same thing expecting a different outcome so I now say, “Tell your brain injury it’s being a jerk and I am not talking to it”.
    And everything chills out 🙂
    This is what I imagine that nasty little brain injury looks like:

    He’s filled with rage and he’s got almost no ears so he can’t listen and you cannot reason with him.
    He’s filled with molten venom and will say ANYTHING to be hateful and hurtful.
    Fortunately I don’t see him too often anymore.

    Size : 3.5-inches by 2.75-inches
    Ink, watercolor on 140lb cold pressed paper.