• I Gave My Cat a Bath Today

    My cat Dexter has a skin problem – he’s an indoor only cat but he’s so allergic to fleas if he happens to get bitten, man, it’s bad. He’s so itchy and miserable. He’s really spazzy and hard to comb because he just wigs out and runs.

    So to give him so relief, he gets a bath more frequently than our other cats.
    Let me stress, Dexter HATES a bath.

    Like if stink eye could kill me to get out of the bath he’d do it – he hates them that much.

    But he seems to feel pretty awesome afterwards so it’s worth all the attitude and stink eye he throws.
    And he even comes and sits with me afterwards so I know it’s all cool.

    This piece is super fun because if you look closely you can see Dexter is painted on paper that is mounted on this canvas. 🙂

    no cat bath
    No Cat Bath Full View