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I Had Some Dreams They Were Clowns in My Coffee… original painting on vintage postcard from 1902


This came from a very funny story I was told by someone who can really belt out a tune and loves karaoke, but she learned one night singing “You’re So Vain” that she had one of the lines wrong all this time.

A friend gave me a huge stack of vintage postcards and I had to do a painting commemorating our very amusing conversation. I had to go listen to the song to see if I could that line… not really… but it’s still pretty funny. Apparently she’s not the only person that misheard that lyric according to an in-depth search on the web that lasted like 5 minutes.

This is painted on a vintage postcard postmarked 1902. The size is 3.5 x 5.5 inches.


Sold! If you’d like something similar done just for you – contact me about a commission

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