• Jebidiah Married a Cockroach

    Every artwork I do has a story and here is this one:
    Jebidiah married a cockroach. There I said it. He loved her very much but she was indeed a 5-foot-8-inch tall cockroach. He dared anyone to say his wife was a cockroach to his face – no one ever did.
    This is an improved photo. Basically, I take photos and old vintage photos and “improve” them
    with mixed media. I hope you enjoy it.
    This is an original mixed media about my obsession with cockroaches and insects in
    general. This altered art original watercolor painting is sealed under varnish.
    This happy couple of man and cockroach will be sent anywhere you want in the world.

    Jebidiah Married a Cockroach Painting by Jo Potocki | Saatchi Art