• My Favorite Air Dry Clay

    I have made tons of clay to work with and it’s not secret I adore paper mache , but I wanted to share one of my favorite air dry clays for sculpting unique heads.
    It has a little bit of shrinkage as it dries so you cannot use it over an armature but it’s fantastic for just making doll heads.

    At Amazon.com it’s only $17.99 for a 25-lb block and it’s very soft and easy to handle.
    If you’re looking for something to play with that is a little different – check this out

    Doll heads are drying – I cannot wait to show you my coming doll sculptures!

    This is how Amazo Air Dry Clay arrives in the 25-lb box

    A few tips:

    If the clay is drying faster on one side, just mist or put a damp piece of muslin or cheese cloth over it. (Paper towels stuck horribly when I tried it with them).

    There will be shinkage – you can use this in molds but it won’t be the same size as say using Sculpey or Fimo.

    Do not use over an armature – it cracks and falls off every time.

    Once dry you can sand, I use a Dremel tool on mine, paint and seal and I haven’t had any issues with cracking or breaking.