• Myrtle’s Donor Heart

    I liked the look of this old girl.
    I imagined that she was probably a good person. She looked like a type that knew right from wrong and expected everyone else to know it too and act accordingly. I can’t imagine anyone got out of line around her, but she didn’t come off hard either – just probably unbending.
    Then I was talking about being an organ donor with a friend and we were debating pro’s and cons.
    I thought about Myrtle on my art table in the basement, what if she got a heart from someone so completely good and awesome that the heart shone out of her chest with a light of a 1,000 suns.
    What would Myrtle’s regular day be like, she’d have to have sunglasses on obviously and she’d probably expect everyone else to act like they didn’t notice – she wouldn’t want special treatment.

    Size : 3.25-inches by 4.25-inches
    Ink, watercolor on photo from the late 1960s

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